Friday, 19 December 2008

Islamic Fashion - Transconic 2009

In the past, Indonesian designers of Islamic fashion have presented their collections at shows like Fashion Exploration, Jakarta Fashion Week and the Islamic Fashion Festival.

This time, fashion house Up2date showcased some of their designs at the Transconic 2009 fashion show in Jakarta on December 17th. Check out their website for lots more of their designs, including an adorable kids' range!

Update: Find out more about Up2date in this article:

Muslim fashion giving a nod to spandex

Breaking through the mold of sequined tunics and abaya, fashion brand Up2date has stormed the Indonesian market with comfortable pieces using fabric that was once unthinkable for Islamic fashion wear: cotton spandex.

Since the opening of their first store in Bandung two years ago, the brand has aggressively expanded, with 17 stores across Indonesia and sales representatives in Dubai and Tehran.

Introducing a mix and match concept by providing colorful clothing pieces with fashionable cuts using comfortable fabric, the fashion label makes it possible for Muslim women opting to cover up according to religious teachings in their own personal style.

Read the rest here.


Candice said...

I really like the 3rd one! So cute! I love the layering.

Maryam said...

Very beautiful!!

But the last one, looks like a sleep wear.

najla said...

I like the third one as well, so cool!!!

Sabrina said...

I like that gray jacket.
Any idea where this stuff is available?

Anonymous said...

Really cute 3rd one,others also beautiful,i like this style

dewi said...

up2date is available in Indonesia, just check our website . thank's for all your compliment!


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