Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hijab Trials Season 2

The City Sisters are back with season 2 of their Hijab Trials where they show us how to do 3 different hijab styles. You can watch their previous videos here. Unfortunately, I didn't like this video as much as the previous Hijab Trials. Too much fussing about with numerous large scarves does not make for an elegant or practical hijab style! Check it out for yourselves:

Here are my tips on how to achieve a more wearable style:

1. Avoid using the bulky plastic pins to pin the hijab at the neck. This will only cause you irritation, especially if you are also using a bulky scarf. Instead, use simple safety pins for more discreet fastening. There are a huge range of hijab pins on offer these days for use on the outside of the scarf. Check out the selection at Pinz Pinz Pinz.

2. With the 1st style shown in the video, there's no need to use 2 scarves. Instead, look for decorated bonnet caps. You can find ones with lace, beads and embroidery, not to mention the coloured headbands you can buy on the high street. This reduces the amount of bulk around your head, and means your hijab will stay in place much longer!

3. When doing layered styles, minimise the amount of fabric you use. If you have one large scarf, make sure the other is narrower and shorter, and substitute for bonnet caps and headbands where possible.


tabu x said...

hii Jana
I think ur blog is gr8 nd very inspirational. Im Bangaldeshi and I wantd to ask if u cud post some south asian dresses soon. u can get beautiful designs and most can be found to be modest too...
thnx tabu x

Hum said...

Hi Jana,

Thanks for posting this, as I enjoyed the first City Sisters videos.

Yeah, I agree some of the styles are a bit complicated, but they look fun to try!

mona said...

Salam Wa Rahman,
I agree with you...they are beautiful styles but i dont think they really work for the working woman because it is quite bulky and i am sure pretty hot under all those layers.
Fi Aman Al Rahman

x l said...

Salaamu alaykum... Wow! Yeah, these styles are nice, masha'Allah, but quite impractical. Huge scarves and pieces of fabric are too difficult to work with. I'd feel like I'm lost in cloth. Your tips are definitely helpful. :)

Pixie said...

I wear these all the time at work and they work fine---the key is wearing light shaylas---not anything with a heavy knit. What you don't want for work is anything too long in the back though because that makes sitting up and standing a problem.

Tassy said...

Slms, thanks for sharing this.I like the layered styles and I do echo what Pixie has said, you must choose your shaylas carefully as you dont want anything bulky.And since it is winter in the Uk right now,Im loving it.Thanks for sharing!

Meena said...

salaam alaykum
masha ALLAH these styles are really beautiful !!!!
barakAllahufik for ur very interessting videos !!


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