Saturday, 6 December 2008

Fashion Exploration 2009

These photos are from Fashion Exploration 2009 which took place in Jakarta on 3rd-4th December. The show featured designers such as Hennie Noor, Ida Royani, Monika Jufry and Iva Lativah, who focused on Islamic fashion:


NiDa said...

ahhh that first abaya is sooo gorgessssss!!!!

Danielle Simmons said...

Assalamu alaikum-- love it!

Cristina VR said...

Hello :)

Your blog is really nice, I've been seeing all the pictures, mostly, because I got interested on the trends and they are just beautiful. Where I live, we don't use many of this kinds of clothes, but still, I think they are very elegant and artistic.



Inspired Muslimah said...


nura said...


Great colours!

Lejla said...

Essealmu Alejkum,
I like to see what's new in Islamic fashion world 'cos I am fashion designer.
Your blog is very good:-)


afifa said...

its really cool the best things i have ever see the girls in hijab fantastic


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