Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Closet

So everything is closed today, and there isn't much to do, but I'm sure the following will occupy you. Back in August, I posted a link to three videos by Sabrina Enayatulla which were featured on The Washington Post. One of them was entitled 'A Muslim Woman's Closet: Style Solutions' where Sabrina gave fashion tips on dressing for summer weddings. I recently discovered her website, Slice of Lemon and it turns out that video was a pilot, and the beginning of 'The Closet' (that's wardrobe to us British folk), a monthly style show aimed at Muslim women. You can watch the rest of her videos below. The first is about how the show is put together, whilst the second gives ideas on what to wear in the holiday season. I'm absolutely loving The Closet, and can't wait for more episodes!


Adventurous Ammena said...

love it!! maybe you should do a british version Jana :D

Hum said...

Thanks for sharing this Jana and happy holidays!

Me :D said...

Love it!!! This is great, now I've got two places to go when I need style suggestions :D

Mariam Sobh said...

This is a cool take on celebrity fashion. Don't forget to check out my videos too :) We have the first and second season up and are wrapping up taping for season three!!

Sharshura said...

I totally agree with Adventurous Ammena's comment!! Just make sure Jana that you put your episodes online so the rest of us (outside of the UK) can watch you! ;~)

Sabrina said...

ASAK Jana,

Thanks for the link love!
And just for you, I might consider changing "The Closet" to "The Wardrobe." hehe.
I used to live in Germany, and we called our wardrobes "shrunks."
"The Shrunk" has a nice ring to it, too;)
Thanks again for the promo!

Anonymous said...

alsalamoalaikom jana,
i liked the way sabrina put togeather a trendy yet modest look. I was wondering if you could do some posts on how to dress up for weddings.



Naziehah said...

I've watched her videos before and I love it!

Thanks for putting up this entry. And keep up the good work yourself :)

x l said...

Wow, this is cool. Michelle looks super cute in hijab, too! :) Thanks for posting these!

Anonymous said...

Assalamalaikum sister

love your styles.I am wondering if you have any suggestions for shorter woman


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