Monday, 10 November 2008

Work Days

I'll be starting my clinical placement soon, which means giving up the jeans and switching to smarter options. For Autumn/Winter I love trousers in fabrics like checks and herringbone with a long sleeved shirtdress. Inject colour into this black and grey combo with a rich burgundy trench and red tote bag:

Cassie long line blouse £36, Long Tall Sally; black patent shoes £25, Dorothy Perkins; grey pashmina £4.99, Scarf World; Prince Of Wales trousers £35; Wonderland trench £60, both Topshop; pouchy panelled soft red tote £30, Accessorize.


jessyz said...

Nice, but the heels might not be so comfy for a long day :-)

MushuThaLohari said...

I love this outfit!
If you leave the heels out, this is pretty much what is close to my style. Simple and comfy clothes paired up with a neat pair of shoes and a beautiful bag to give a nice edge to the ensemble.

As for the shoes...
Since I'm pretty much a shoe-a-holic, it really pains me to admit this, but I do not know how to walk properly wearing heels. A short distance I can handle, but to go, say, to the uni wearing them is close to impossible for me.

Im not giving up. I bought some time ago a beautiful and extra comfy pair of pumps with 5cm heels (it's a start, hey! :D) from Wonders, and another pair with slightly smaller heels from Vagabond (both brands I really love and would suggest every girl to check out!). I just couldn't resist them, and I've promised myself that I will not just let them collect dust in my closet, insha Allah :D

Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'allah.. nice sis. I was actually going to ask you to post some interview outfits for my upcoming ones insha'allah. With trousers preferably, I also posted on your wall too.. Ill be in london from the 18th, insha'allah we can squeeze in a shopping trip :D

sehra said...

nice choices,, jana! congrats.. u r finally starting ur clinical postings. that means you have completed ur course? or in 3rd year? ( don't mind please, was just curious.. about the system there in UK) because we here in nepalese colleges.. start our postings in major subjects(gyne,pedia,surgery,med) from 3rd yr itself.

i also wanted to ask you, what to do when wearing OT dress/gown? i mean the hair can be covered thoroughly by the cap, but the neck is visible.. and the doctors always emphasize not to wear anything other than the shirt and trousers of the OT dress.( its true.. when one actually does the surgery..he/she has enough garments on the body.. and so the neck gets covered almost..) but as a student, you don't hav that much coverage.. i just wanted to ask you, should we leave it like that? i don't know about any other sister facing the same problem as me.(or is there?!) :-)

Anonymous said...

To sehra: assalamu alykum. I have found when I go into theater I am allowed to wear my hijab- which means covering my hair and neck but I have to wear a theater hat on top. This isn't a great look but at least I can still cover.

Jana said...

Jessyz: I don't know how, but some people seem to manage it! I guess if you sit around all day it shouldn't be too difficult :D

Mushuthalohari: I admit I can't walk very far in heels either! And since I tend to walk/run around a fair bit when I'm at uni I stick to sensible shoes :D

Ammena, we'll sort something out inshallah!

Sehra: I'm actually in my 2nd year, and this placement will be a short one - we start the longer ones next year. But I love the fact we start so early!

I think each hospital seems to have different rules. I have a surgical placement this time round, and I've been told that I can wear a hijab in theatre, but this must not be the one I've been walking around in all day. So what I will do is bring a one-piece al-amirah and make sure it gets washed for each time I go into theatre. If you're not allowed to wear a hijab, I would suggest asking if you can wear a high-collared top (you can find some with short sleeves) underneath the gown. This will cover the neck, and the cap will cover the hair.

JannaH said...

Good luck on clinicals!! If im ever in the UK and i become ill, ill def look u up ;)

sehra said...

thanx anonymous and jana.. fr ur suggestions

eternal peace said...

mashaAllah i'll take soem of these ideas for my teaching placement inshaAllah, but would love it if u could also do workwear for sisters who were abayas or long skirts.
jazakAllah khayr

A Different Era said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I like your style. I'm not Muslim but I love the way you put outfits together and the colours you choose. It has given me inspiration for my own clothes. You also introduced me to Promod, which I've never heard of before.

Good luck with your placement x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana,
So my parents are really conservative. So when I went for shopping for dresses my mom shot down all the dresses because either they had plunging necklines or were too short in length. It turns out my mother's expectations were modest necklines and floor length and long sleeves. My muslim friends told me of your blog, and although they are not going to our school function (because of the dancing), they recommended this site. I already figured out I could wear a jacket for the long sleeves, but could you give any suggestions for not too formal dresses that go along with my mom's expectations? Thanks

frzsri said...


Just wanted to say that I'm so glad I found this blog as none of the my other friends or colleagues are interested in fashion at all. The general consensus is that being a doctor is a serious profession and therefore fashion or anything associated with it just isn't done :(
Good luck on your placement, I remember mine from years ago in Dublin. They do expect you to look polished and professional as well as of course, knowing your subject matter well, be it surgery, opthalmo etc

Aalya said...


Just wanted to say what a wonderful colour combination that is! I just picked up a great grey coloured pant and was thinking to pair it up with a purple top!

Jana said...

Jannah, lol I still have I while to go before I can do much :D

Sehra, you're welcome.

Eternal peace, sure. I've done soem previously as well which you can see if you click on the 'workwear' label.

A different era, thanks!

Anon, what sort of occasion do you want the dress for?

frzsri, I think we need something a bit more fun every now and then, keeps the stress at bay :D

Aalya, glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah gorgeous outfit.
Re. theatre - you can get orthopaedic hoods that are opaque and cover your neck. Really useful when you are scrubbed in and wearing a hat over a hijaab is impossibly hot!

Also, Jana I love the site.I dont think my bank account does though. Good luck with clinicals!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana,
I want the dress for a school occasion called prom. However, I would prefer it if the dress was not too formal. Thanks for your help

Jana said...

Anon 1, any idea where to get hold of the orthopaedic hoods?

Anon 2, there are several ideas under the 'evening wear' section:

Anonymous said...

Do you post to malaysia?


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