Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Stylishly Modest: Cuchin

Cuchin is a new online store that specialises in stylish, yet modest clothing. Their range consists of 3/4 and long sleeved dresses, and each comes with matching trousers and a shawl, which could be used as a hijab. Most have a loose fit and there are dresses for both casual and formal occasions. Whilst not all of them have long sleeves, you could easily layer a long sleeved top underneath, or add some stretchy arm-sleeves. They also offer free delivery and have a sale on now. What do you think of Cuchin?


MushuThaLohari said...

Looks really promising!

Minaretmuse said...

Interesting, thanks for the tip. Some nice tops, but the trousers seem to hang a little strangely on some of the models. Shame they don't sell dresses without trousers.

Anonymous said...

mashAllah a good site! & free UK delivery is a brilliant plus!:)
I think some of the sisters may not realise the style of trousers is of asian styles...tho they have a good variety... :)

jazakAllah khair sis for bringin this site to our attention! Looks good! :)

Anonymous said...

salaam alikom,

Lovely I want them all:S
too bad they dont deliver to canada. and I cant find a contact info in there web site either!

I like your site very much, it gives me ideas all the time on how to dress stylish and yet modest..thanks a million and allah be with you..

Jannah said...

anon - what do u mean the pants are asian style?

Jana - The pics look awesome!! I am def gonna check it out =)

Maryam said...

At last, a company that understand that women in Islam want to look normal, and that we are having a hard time to match all our clothes together!! (shoes + long shirt + sleeves + hijab + underhijab + vest/jacket + purse...) So bad they don't do long sleeves, since it would make it really simple.

Maryam said...

Though, I think most of their pants look funny... kind of too much baggy style. Or maybe the pants are too long for their model?

Anonymous said...

Salams Jana. I just had a quick question. How do you upload your microsoft publisher collages onto your blog? It's not working for me:(

Sehra said...

i agree with anon, the pants are asian style..
i have seen such pants in nepalese markets. so maybe the designer is influenced by them!
the clothes look more like indo-western outfits.. don't you think so? :-)
the dresses are really nice. thanx jana... for all the beautiful things on this blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful clothing...the web site says "all sizes" but they only offer sizes up to plus size :-(
Thank you Jana, and Salams!

Anonymous said...

I hope this helps sisters overseas
I bought some clothes from Cuchin from their website in the U.K, as did my cousins in Zambia, she contacted them through its on their website and arranged delivery... good service and quality.. i'm happy, hope it helps

KaRLa said...

Assalamu 3leykom

I just put a post in my blog of your blog

all the post here are great thanks for the tips

Jennifer said...

My gosh these are the cutest and most comfortable outfits!!

Abeda said...

W' Salam, sisters I ordered number 16 (page 3 Floral print dress) i wore it on Eid. It's very similar to Monsoon/Warehouse stlye clothing..

The dress is truly lovely, the picture in the website doesnt show all the intricate handwork. I'd say Cuchin are definitely good value for money and worth trying!

p.s. my friends in Portugal and New Zealand have had no problems ordering from them.

Anonymous said...

Nice dress but can Abeda or anonymous sister tell me what are trousers like? ..

Anonymous said...

Salaams sister.
I ordered from this site, received and did not like fitting. Some too loose, some too tight. Given a different address to return to - but when tried nobody in. So returned to PO Box as per their website at cost to me, and emailed them a few times - still awaiting for response and my money back!!


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