Sunday, 9 November 2008

Promod Parisian Chic

Promod is a French company that have stores all over the world (but none in the UK unfortunately!). They stock plenty of hijab-friendly items that I use in my sets often. Their model shots also provide great inspiration for outfits! I liked this one in particular because of the soft colours and stylish layering. The silk dress you can easily wear in warmer weather too. Click here to shop for items for this outfit, and add a pair of jeans and a violet or cream hijab to complete the look:


washi said...

Really Jana, that is so surprising to hear you don't have Promod in the UK...we even have a store here in Cape Town...I just bought a lovely black maxi there and it fits like a dream

Jana said...

I know, can you believe! They have stores in practically every country, but not here! Which is a shame because I think they'd do very well. I've ordered online from them before - they're very reliable company.

Adventurous Ammena said...

hmm.. i dont think ive ever seen em in canada, but im sure their website will prove me wrong haha

Anonymous said...

we have 3 stores here in malaysia, if im not wrong. It's one of my favourite stores but it's quite expensive though.It has always been expensive here anyway especially anything that is suitable for us who wears the hijab, sigh. Whatever it is, their collections are always beautiful :)

pakiangel said...

this store isnt in the usa either :( ugg n this outfit looks so cute!!!

frenchmuslima said...

i just love promod the clothes are so diffrent from all the others stores in france a little bit expensive but the quality is here!!

my english is soooo BAddddddd I know!

Anonymous said...

Promod is one of the few shops in Austria, which has fashion for muslims. We dont have cool shops like French connetion or Dorothy really I cant believe u dont have Promod there in UK. I love your blog Jana- thank you so much. U inspire us all!!!


Anonymous said...

Here st Saudi ,Promod is available in a few malls wehich is a relief. And Jana, i love how you update your blog everyday. i just cant wait till the next post!
:) Mariam.

MomTo5 said...

I also LOVE the shop,
here in Aleppo/Syria
we have one.
/Johanna,Swedish muslimah.

Naz said...


Where exactly would I find Promod in South Africa (Cape Town or Johannesburg). Am really keen on purchasing some of these clothes.


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