Friday, 21 November 2008

Navy and Grey - Skirt Option

I love the combination of navy and grey for workwear. I did a trouser-based outfit previously here, so here is a skirt version. The drape cardigan is warm and cosy, and I'd wear it loosely open around the ruffles of the shirt:

Hijab £4.99, Islam Orient; Angora drape cardi £45, Oasis; Grey Work Panelled Long Skirt £28, LOSVE; white origami style shirt £22, Dorothy Perkins; blink patent snake effect court £15, Barratts; Bkelly bag £16, Faith.


Mariam said...

I love that cardigan top.. very cute!

Mariam said...

Oh.. and check out my new video posting today. would love to get your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Cute cardigan for sure!

Maryam said...

Very beautiful

Smile said...

Salaams, just got the cardigan in the sale (£25 now) It is lovely but doesn't really cover at the back as I would like so really needs to be worn with a tunic length shirt.


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