Wednesday, 26 November 2008

IFF 2008: Bridal Wear

Day 2 of the Islamic Fashion Festival saw designers showcasing bridal collections. I love the Eastern twist to the white wedding gown, but not so keen on the skin-tight options! That is one of the qualms I have with events such as IFF, in that the original purpose was to promote creativity in clothing within Islamic guidelines, which is often challenging. I see it as a failure of this challenge when some of the outfits aren't quite up to scratch. Anyhow, I'm loving the general concepts, and here are some beautiful pictures from the show:


hijabee said...

Beautiful :)

diamond said...

nice dresses, though some of these dresses are a bit too "puffy" if you'd ask me. But i guess that's just a matter of taste.

iqraa said...

Salam Jana i just wanted to let you know i think your great all the work you put into these pages,every couple of days there is always something new to see!you answer comments and help inspire us sisters!May Allah bless you inshallah!Lv u xxxx

Anonymous said...

salaams sis
i was wondering if your going to post stuff on eid inspirations as eids not too far, i'm aware your busy with uni though


Anonymous said...

nice, but some of this dresses are not very islamic, and there is a little too much citch for my taste. but some are very but very very beautiful. so my Allah bless you all inshAllah.

Anonymous said...

sis Jana, you've done a great job for this website! i've been coming back to checkout the new updates.

these bridal dresses are beautiful.
however, i do hope that one day, we have our own islamic bridal dresses without having to "copy" the western bridal dresses.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! but not for me O_o

Salwa said...

salaaam sis,

hmm i have to be honest i dont liek the dresses :(
they are all to in your face and showey off. it be nice if someone could design modest and plain weddign abaya's or something. inshallah id liek to wear an abaya for my wedding. but i cant see any nie ones online they are all over the top :(
aggghhh lol

jazakallah kheir sis.

Anonymous said...

Salam sister yes i agree with you some of the dresses are O.T.T lol x

Maryam Hajar said...

Jana,Your comments are right on..i agree, some are not conforming to Islamic standards of dress, but the last one does, and it is very beautiful...a bit 'renaissance' looking but it's a fashion show!!'s supposed to be over the top. a bride could take the things she likes from it and 'make it her own''s very elegant and gorgeous...w/o the puffy sleeves. love the head scarf and crown on this one..w/veil. So very pretty

rahima said...


I think the bridal gowns are fab, i wanted to know how i could purchase something similar for my wedding in May...can anyone help and suggest how i can purchase a nice islamic gown?



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