Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hijabi Inspiration: ISoc Style

I haven't done one of these H.I. posts in quite a while, so I thought it was about time. There were many beautifully dressed sisters at the ULU ISoc Annual Dinner on 19th November. This outfit is similar to what a certain someone was wearing that evening. This black jilbab with light blue embroidery comes with a matching shayla. Layer it with black shayla as shown here and just add heels and a bright clutch to finish off:

Elegent jilbab light blue £35, Al-Hijaab; simple chiffon shawl £5.99, Scarf World; panelled snake fold over clutch £35, Oasis; black satin twist shoes £30, Dorothy Perkins.


Anonymous said...

i love your blog! its full of great (and practical) ideas. i think ur doing a great job, keep it up!

eternal peace said...

jazakAllah khayr sis for that, inshaAllah i'm going to order that abayah but in the silver,team it up with a silver/white scarf maybe like this:

and a ring like this:

and a scarf in silver too

hey presto my eid outfit inshaAllah

let me know if you think its a good idea lol
sorry i've given you whole wesites instead of links of putting together outfits, some things i just cant do!

Stardoll Sisters said...

That is so beautiful! I LOVE THE COLOUR BLUE! I might consider buying that.. :))

ana rauda said...

yeahhh...loving the abaya...
but i think matching it up with a blue heels will make it look great also...just my 2 cents :)

Anonymous said...

ooh, i actually like the silver more than the blue. its more classy...
InshAllah im going to figure out what im gonna wear and see what u guys think ;-)

Jana said...

Anon 1, thank you :)

EP, that sounds lovely, though the New Look link isn't working for me!

SS, I love blue too :D

Ana Rauda, Dorothy Perkins had some awesome blue heels, though I put in black because it's something most women will already have.

Anon 2, let us know inshallah :)

Amira said...

Shukran Sister,
That is a very nice abaya, I've been following your Blog for a while now, and I aways find nice stuff here.

Ilhan said...

Assalumu Alaikum Jana,

JazakAllah for this. Yes there were many beautifully dressed sisters that evening, including yourself!

Hope you're well,

Ilhan xoxo


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