Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Winter Coats

If you haven't yet bought a coat, here are six stylish options to get you through the harsh winter months. Dorothy Perkins has a particularly good range this year. Look for rich colours and detailing such as prints, bows, belts and embroidery:

From top left:

Damson belted coat £65, Dorothy Perkins
Indigo gold button trench coat £70, Miss Selfridge
Empire line coat £70, Oli
Blue bow neck coat £75, Dorothy Perkins
Dogtooth db coat £100, Oasis
Bella Embroidered Coat £150, Monsoon


Adventurous Ammena said...

trust me!! I love that embroidered one by Monsoon :D

heedah said...

the http:embroidred one is my fave I am going to try to find a similar one here in hte US... it is sooo beautiful. Great find :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for Reminding me i got to get me a coat it getting cold here new york!! i love all of them but probably not the red one beacuse it plain and bright, bye!!

pineappleslice said...

I love the Monsoon one! and that second Dorothy Perkins one is so original!

Celeritas said...

Love the coats, wonderful post.

zaiuk said...

i really love the blue coat with the tie around the neck....jana do you think this style would work with a wrap around hijab? as this is the only style i wear....wasalam

Huda said...

I looooooove the Blue bow neck .

Jana said...

Zainab, as long as you tuck it in neatly, it should look fine!


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