Friday, 24 October 2008

Toughen Up

A leather jacket over a black abaya makes for a classic Autumn look. Add tan boots, striped hijab and a long necklace for an easy, relaxed yet stylish outfit:

Chocolate leather jacket £140, Principles; pendant necklace £16, Monsoon; simple plain black abaya £20.57, 2hijab; striped hijab £5.99, Islam Orient; black leather tote bag £65, Dorothy Perkins; Firetrap side button ankle boots £95, ASOS.


Anonymous said...

The bag is so gorgeous, tut.It's out of my price range and my mediocre wage packet cannot stretch that far.

Emdee Rowan said...

Hey Jana,
You're website's absolutely brilliant! It's really helpful, I was wondering if you could do a blog with clothing we could buy outside the UK, like Canada, the States, France.

I've fallen for the jacket! it's gorgeous!

Jana said...

hfm, I bet you could find something similar for a fraction of the price at Primark!

Emdee, thank you :) Unfortunately I'm really busy so barely have time to keep up to date with the UK scene. I will be posting lots of links to Islamic clothing sites abroad though, so keep an eye out for those!

Anonymous said...

New wallet from Queendom Hijabs


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