Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tesettür at Work

A navy satin-feel trench is a great way to work the Tesettür look this Autumn. To keep the colour scheme, I've added a long-sleeved knit tunic in navy, which is a wardrobe staple for both casual and workwear. This one from Oasis is also available in grey.

Shiny coat £74.95, Uttam Direct; sweetheart babydoll dress £45, Oasis; blink patent snake effect court £20, Barratts; Doronett bag £30, Aldo; Turquoise Paisley Square Silk Scarf £25, LOSVE; grey wide leg trousers £25, Dorothy Perkins.


Zaenab said...

a great look, love that dress :D

Anonymous said...

Salaamualaikum wRwB, I just love coming to this site to get all these great fashion inspirations. I really wish I could find these items in stores in the U.S., and plus-size also, but alas I'll just have to go on a diet and then move to the U.K. :)

Anonymous said...

pretty love the shiny coat nice


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