Friday, 24 October 2008

Pink Hijab Day Update

I hope you've all been thinking of ways to support Pink Hijab Day on Wednesday 29th October! If you're a student, it's not too late to get in touch with your ISoc and get them behind the campaign too! It would be great if people could take photos on the day also.

I've created a poster template if anyone wants to advertise the event, so just e-mail me at hijabstyle @ hotmail . co . uk and I'll send it. Also, if there are any Islamic clothing companies willing to support this cause get in touch too!

Don't forget, the online donation page can be found here.


eternal peace said...

salaams sis
just wondering if u gna be at the GPU this year?

Qays Layla said...

Salam Sis... Is pink hijab day a global campaign or just exclusive to America?

Btw I went to site and it is not updated. The site's title is Global Pink Hijab Day
October 26th 2007.

We're in 2008?

What can people outside America do for this campaign? I think not many people know about this yet.. I'm from Malaysia..

Jana said...

Eternal Peace,

I won't be there unfortunately, can't make it!

Qays, PHD is most definitely a global event. Yeah the site is a bit slow, but the latest info will be on the Facebook event. You'll need to find out the details of breast cancer research foundations in your own coutry to support! If you check my original post, you'll find some fundraising and awareness ideas.

Qays Layla said...

Salam sis... I'm confused. Some say Pink Hijab Day is 26th. Some say 29th. Which is the correct date?

Jenan said...

Salaam! I know this doesn't pertain to the subject but I was wondering if you would be able to make a post on hijab styles to wear to weddings. I am going to my best friend's wedding and I want to do a really nice style that covers as well as compliments. Thanks for any help =)

Jana said...

Qays, this year it's the 29th. The date has been fixed to the last Wednesday of October for each year.

Jenan, I've posted over 40 hijab styles here:

Hope you find something you like!

Hijabella said...

Salaam sisters. It's so sad that I didn't found anyone here in Germany who knows about this Global Pink Hijab Day.Is it really a Global event? But nevertheless I will wear a pink hijab insAllah!


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