Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Help a Sister Out

Kawther is a fashion student from Leeds, and is working on a dissertation around fashionable Islamic clothing. As part of her research, she has a survey for Muslim women to fill in. These are the questions, so lets help her out:

1. Age:

2. Nationality:

3. Country of Origin (if it differs from Nationality)?

4. Have you chosen to wear the headscarf? If so why?

5. In your opinion is dressing modestly the correct solution to protecting a woman from harm/harassment, or should people be educated better and stop viewing women as sexual objects?

6. Have you faced any difficulties in society because you choose to wear the headscarf?

7. Is your style of dressing distinctive in comparison to the mainstream society you live in?

8. Are you comfortable in the way you dress or do you feel that your religious beliefs restrict you?

9. Many have argued that Muslim women are oppressed and are forced to wear the veil, what are your opinions on this matter?

10. ‘The veil is the symbol of the seclusion of women’ what are your opinions on this quote?

11. Do you feel that there is a specific item/s of clothing that should be worn by Muslim women who choose to wear the headscarf? If yes then please specify.

12. Do you like to follow fashion trends? If yes, then do you face any difficulties when trying to keep up with latest fashion trends yet still follow your religious laws on dressing?

13. Where would you normally shop for clothing? E.g. high street stores, shops that specialise in religious clothing…

14. Would you like to see well known fashion brands creating headscarves for Muslim women?

15. In your opinion can Muslim women be fashionable yet dress in a religious way? Please give reasons for your answer…

Please e-mail your answers to: kawther1987 @ hotmail . com


Hum said...

Winged my reply to her just now!

Inspired Muslimah said...

I will reply to her via email :)

jessyz said...

Answered and sent it. :-)

Kawther said...

Thank you everone for filling out the questionnaire, it has really helped, and thank you Jana for posting it!

Nielfa Hanifa said...

My email bounced back... any other address I can send it to?

Jana said...

Neilfa, it seems to be working for me, try again?

Nielfa Hanifa said...

tried thrice, received an error message each time :/

Jana said...

Nielfa, email the answers to me, and I'll forward them to Kawther inshallah.


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