Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Global Pink Hijab Day

This year's Global Pink Hijab Day is being held on October 29th. For those not familar with the initiative, the day is "intended to initiate dialogue and shatter stereotypes of Muslim women and their Islamic headscarves or Hijab, as well as raise breast cancer awareness". The event started off in the USA, where it supports the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

For those of us here in the UK, Cancer Research UK is the largest funder of breast cancer research. There are lots of things you can do on the day or beforehand to help raise funds and awareness of this disease. Here are a few ideas:

1. As well as wearing a pink hijab, why not make badges letting everyone know exactly what it is you are doing, e.g. 'Global Pink Hijab Day Supports Breast Cancer Research'.

2. Ask permission from your school, college, university or mosque to hold collections outside.

3. Request a fundraising pack from Cancer Research UK, and distribute leaflets and flyers to raise awareness.

4. Hold sponsored acitivites, cake sales, craft stalls, etc. and get as many people involved as you can!

5. E-mail this post to all your friends to let them know about the initiative!

Join the Facebook event for more information. And if you're looking to buy a pink hijab for the day, here are a few options (click to purchase):

So ladies, lets all get involved on October 29th and wear our pink hijabs with pride!


I have a set up an online donation page for the UK branch of Pink Hijab Day on the Cancer Research UK website here. It would be great if this could be the official page for UK sisters to donate all the money they raise as part of Pink Hijab Day. This way we can see exactly how much money has been raised. Please forward the link to all your friends and family!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Im definitely going to do this!
I've joined the facebook group so inshallah I'll be in pink then.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Yeah I totally plan to paricipate in this !

Anonymous said...

is it the 26th or the 29th i was researching it and i found two dates.

Anonymous said...

Salam all, i'm in Glasgow, any one intrested to do something that day? please contact me

pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis

ok i now have all my pink hijabs out, the only thing now is to choose which one to wear lol.

wa salam

Saliha said...

I joined the Facebook group and I'm going to wear a pink hijab too insha'Allah.

Jana said...

This year it's on the 29th ladies. Spread the word!

Qays Layla said...

Hopefully, subconsciously, by having the pink hijab day, we can make da'wah on hijab to the general public. By wearing pink hijab for pink hijab day, our presence as hijabi women will be more noticeable. Besides, a woman in a pink hijab barely looks scary. Hopefully with this campaign, people can see the other side of hijabi women that they failed to see or have overlooked: Humanity, caring, supporting, brainy, intelligent, and smart.

Safiyya Abba said...


I've also opted to do this, I don't normally wear hijab, however on the 29th I will wear a pink one. Inshallah I hope this steers me to be more comfy wearing this in public, whilst at work etc.

You can donate at my page HERE

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

sisters on another site ive found that its on the 28th. why are the dates differing??


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