Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Fab Find - LOSVE

A couple of days ago I received my order from LOSVE, which was this beautiful black and purple tunic. It's rare that I find clothes that fit perfectly, so I must say this has been one of best items I've found so far! I love the cut and drape of the fabric, as well the argyle print and cute bow detail. I'll be teaming it with a pair of dark wash wide leg jeans, and this purple hijab which is a perfect match for colour:

Black long sleeve tunic dress with purple argyle £30, LOSVE; purple hijab £7.95 The Hijab Shop; black big pocket bag £30; wide leg jeans £25; cut out shoes £35, all Dorothy Perkins; triple bangle set £9, Topshop.


Sehra said...

the top's really smart and stylish... i like the bangles.. though i think wooden bangles of two colors black and purple will also look good( for a casual look) and black scarf will also do nicely for this outfit. thanx jana for your beautiful ideas... thankyou sooooo much!

Mariam said...

I absolutely love LOSVE too! :)
I agree that their clothes fit perfectly.. I'm actually doing a review in a few weeks on some of their outfits. If only they actually had a store here in the U.S.! :)

Me :P said...

I absolutely love the purple argyle, I wish it was easier to find clothes like that where I live, or I guess I should said less expesive clothes like that, oh well I guess that is the joy of the bargain hunt :p

Jenan said...

I LOEV the shirt ;) However, i cant wear styles like that because they make me look pregnant =/

Sehra said...

i do agree with jenan, they do make people who have got a bit large midsection, they appear sort of bloated in this type of shirt! the same problem is with me... i guess you gotta be extra slim to wear them!

Jana said...

Mariam, great! Which pieces did you buy? LOSVE don't have a shop here in the UK either, but inshallah one day!

Me, LOSVE do amazing sales, check it out!

Sehra, Jenan,

That's the thing, when I said that they fit really well, I meant that they are modest yet flattering on a fuller figure. I'm not extra slim at all, but I found it a really lovely shape. And because LOSVE has modesty in mind, the clothes are designed with a more generous fit, esp. around the bust area.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that that top is gorgoues and goes nice with my smart black trousers for work, lovely

hi ladies have any of you tried Joe browns clothing

they have some nice tunics that are quite modest and they have a ranvge of styles also try fashion union

here are the website addresses



Mariam said...

I don't know why I keep wanting to call you jenan :) I've been having issues posting my comments cause the net keeps cutting out at my work.. but anyways hehe.. just wanted to say you'll see the clothing I got in my next review of losve inshallah;). And I love the argyle top you're featuring it's so in fashion right now!


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