Monday, 6 October 2008

Evening Elegance

Eid may be over, but if you have a formal evening event to attend, then try this beautiful silver skirt with a black embroidered tunic. The lace clutch also picks up the detail in the top. Add some black satin heels, a beaded hijab and silver jewellery to complete the look:

Alia wrap hijab £9.95, Shukr; Kristiana tunic £65, Monsoon; metallic fishtail long skirt £28, LOSVE; twist front peep toe shoe £15, New Look; pleated lace frame clutch £22, Accessorize.


Zaenab said...

lovely! that top is so cute :D

Celeritas said...

Wonderful look, really pretty combo.

Anonymous said...

nice outfit, i can definitly picture myself wearing this

nadya said...

salaam jana,
hi, my name is nadya and im from malaysia. i found ur blog from my friend's posting and i love it, all the cloths n boots n jeans. i wish we can have all those in malaysia.

i wish you all the best and thanks again, all these will become my reference and i hope to look for something similar if not the same in malaysia.

eid mubarak :)

Pixie said...

The skirt should join my closet.

Jana said...

Zaenab, Celeritas, Anon, Nadya, thank you :D

Pixie, it should join mine too :D


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