Friday, 17 October 2008

Back to Black

These outfits by Giorgio Armani from the Fall 2008 collection would be great inspiration for jilbab designs. I'm not too keen on the fur myself, but the 3rd picture with a long cardigan layered over a lace skirt I think is lovely:


Kholod said...

Black is so majestic! It can never be wrong.

Saliha said...

Very pretty. Black is always so elegant. Pic 1 and 2 already seem very hijab friendly to me, but 3 is also amazing. I'm loving the lace look. Thanx for sharing sister.

Jenan said...

Beautiful site and inspiring posts. I have a question, however. Do you think there is a way to "hijabify" a mini skirt with pants? I really want to try out that style but sorta nervous :/

Ali said...

ohh i am in love with the third pic... its just sooo amazing... love your posts Jana :)

Cecilia said...

I agree with you =)

Anonymous said...

Jenan, my friend works the mini-skirt+jeans look very well but i'm kinda scared to try it out too, the reason she makes it work so well is because the design and pattern of the mini-skirts she chooses work very well with the plain coloured tops she wears

so really it's: patterned flairy mini-skirt + plain coloured top that matches a colour on the skirt + cardigan/knitwear = the combination that works. it actualy looks like shes wearing a dress rather than obviously a mini-skirt.

hope i helped :D

Jenan said...

Yeh! Thanks a lot! I think a jean mini skirt would definitely make it too hoochy. But I was also wondering the pants she wears are they fitting or loose? I wear a lot of loose dress pants, so i was wondering if they would go nicely as well.

If you have any pictures please do pass them on =)

Anonymous said...

why dont you try both? i personally think skinny jeans would go better but if you never wear them and wouldn't feel comfortable then don't buy any just for the sake of it!
try it on with jeans and try with the pants you normally wear and ask your friends!

Anonymous said...

lol i think jean mini-skirts are a very 1990's thing ;) my friend wears her mini-skirts with straight-leg jeans. so they arent tight but they arent that loose either. i would wear them with straight leg too i think.

don't have pics but if shes wearing a particularly lovely ensemble one day soon i'll take 1 :D

by the way - theres a massive sale on at MK1 (mark 1, in most high streets) - i got a really nice, loose and long dress for £4, down from £15! they have pretty flowery patterned mini-skirts on sale too, everyone get down there! :D

Jenan said...

Hmm, yeh i dont wear skinny jeans. maybe ill go shopping and see what it looks like for myself. Sorry though, I live in USA so I have no idea what Mark 1 is lol thanks for the advice though! I reallly appreciate it =)

Anonymous said...

ur welcome, let us know how ur mini-skirt situation goes :D


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