Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Work Skirt

A long black skirt is a wardrobe basic, especially if you work in a formal environment. The length of this skirt from Debenhams is perfect if you're petite, but always try on to be sure. In this set I've paired it with a gold/mustard yellow jumper, but a long sleeve t-shirt would be better if you find this too hot. Layer underneath a short-sleeved brown tabbard and finish off with a black hijab, smart handbag and boots:

Knitted tabbard £45, Topshop; light brown snake print shoulder bag £18, Debenhams; black pashmina £2.60; Pinz Pinz Pinz; black long skirt £28; gold roll neck jumper £12, both Debenhams; black patent ankle boot £30, Dorothy Perkins.


Anonymous said...

sory for the my english,because ı cant speak eng very well..I cant see your e-mail adress..please can you write..

my 2 advice for you :

for clothes collage : it's better!


for other designer :


absolutely look..


[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

salaams sis =]

wow, that black skirt is sure smart! love it! :D

Anonymous said...

very nice expect for the yellow shrit

Rabeea said...

i like this look. question for you. I have everything in this look except my tabbard is a mint-pistachio green. What colour shirt should I put under it to mix it up? I usually just wear it with a white/black shirt...I want the brown now though. Thanks a lot :)

Celeritas said...

Nice look, I'll have to try to find a 'tabard' I've never seen one in New Zealand before.

Alix said...

I love the yellow! I wear it all the time, but if you have yellow in your skin tones, avoid.

Jana said...

Anon, I used to use Polyvore, but not anymore :D

Rabeea, you could try navy blue. I love navy with just about every colour :D

Celeritas, I think 'tabbard' is just a posh word for short-sleeved chunky cardigan :D

Alix, I tend to go yellow in winter - combination of sleep deprivation, stress and lack of fruit and veg. Not a good look!


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