Monday, 8 September 2008

Warming up for Winter

I'm not quite ready to pull out the heavy coats, but during Autumn/Winter I love textured fabrics and tweed is always a cold-weather favourite. Forget frumpy blazers though, this drop-waist dress brings a modern touch. Layer over a red long sleeve top to add a punch of colour, and a long beaded necklace to break up the grey:

Drop waist pleated tweed dress £60, Warehouse; red long sleeve top £7; black wide leg trousers £20; dogtooth bowler bag £30, Dorothy Perkins; black pashmina £4.99, Scarf World; court shoe £25, Barratts; mixed beads necklace £12, Promod.


RMohammed said...

I love that dress, I think though it would look cuter with a turtleneck and do the loose style like in one of the posts you showed...I think purple would looke cute, but I'm biased when it comes to that colour :p

ammena said...

love it.. would def wear this, although maybe without the heels :P

Umm Salihah said...

I like the colour combo, I wouldn't normally have put grey with red but it works here. Nice smart outfit for work.

Jana said...

Rmohammed, you know I adore purple, but I've done so many purple outfits, I thought I should change :P

Ammena, thanks!

Umm Salihah, see I think I dress really conservatively for work.. if it's not a shirt with smart trousers or skirt then I'm not having it. Maybe it's the student in me, eager to make a good impression :D

Also, the key to making 2 contrasting colours work together is to have another piece that ties them both together. In this case I've used a necklace, but it could also be a hijab.

Anonymous said...

Love the color combination. I like purple too, but red is another top color for me. I'm actually thinking of doing something like this today for work, you inspired me.

Falling Up said...

I LOVE your site and especially the outfits!! Keep up the good work. I never knew there were so many ways to halal up and outfit until I found your site. thanks :)

Scarf Ace said...

luv the look. esp, the bag!


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