Monday, 8 September 2008

Sheila and Abaya Fashion 2007

I posted pictures from Sheila and Abaya Fashion 2008 previously, and here are pictures from the 2007 show. Any favourites?

Abayas by Abu Haleeqa:

Abayas from First Choice House, designed by Abrar Abdul Karim:

Designs by Pinky Unique:

Abayas by Bahraini designer Sara Quamber, who launched her label Saryous Fashion after moving to Dubai, despite having no formal training in fashion design:

More pictures:

The show concluded with the Swarovski Arabian Creation Awards, which you can read about here.


Bosnian hijab girl said...

Nice blog!Visit me!

anaya said...

hey nice pics...! i have a question. when i wear a scarf or dupatta some part of ma hair is not hidden as shown in these pics, is that fine?

Jana said...

BHJ, thanks, will do inshallah!

Anaya, no, the hijab is supposed to cover ALL of the hair. Unfortunately these Gulf abaya shows rarely adhere to that!

Basbousa said...

Lovely abayas, Jana!

Alixianna said...

Beautiful. I saw these pics as a new convert and said to myself, you know, I could dress that way, minus the bangs, and make people a lot less afraid of Muslims: D

Anonymous said...

salam aleikom..just wonder why so many designers who design abayas and other clothes for hijabis often make clothes who aren't hijab-friendly? (hair/neck that shows, skinny jeans etc)..

and finally: I Love your blog, it always gives me a lot of great ideas! thank u keep up the good work.

: jamila

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 sharing such an wonderful pic....taking idea frm ua pic i can create my own collection of abaya wth colourful swarosky stone.thanks.luv it

Anonymous said...

salaam aleikum jana. i just love this pics which you have posted its soo kul and the way they have worn their sheila is just amamzing can u please mail me the way they wear theit sheila esp the 4th 7 10th picture i just luv it


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