Friday, 19 September 2008

Shafira Fashions

Shafira is an Indonesian brand owned by designer Fenny Mustafa, who's work has been shown on the catwalks of Jakarta Fashion Week and the Islamic Fashion Festival. It caters for women as well as men and children. I love the bright colours and rich fabrics used - these are a few of the outfits, and you can see lots more on the website:


jessyz said...

I like the first one, the orange and the hijab itself is very pretty. Wonderful stuff as usual :D

lisa said...

i am getting confused and i hope u dnt mind me askin i look at the fashions you have and is it ok to wear tunics and trousers like a long top over trousers as some other blogs are sayin u have to wear jilbab, which is it or is it just a case of being modest or when wearing tunic and trousers should we wear a long coat over the thing is i get hot too, oh its all so confusin, hope u can help and i love ur blog u show beautiful photos, thank u :)

Kholod said...

Simple and elegant. So Indonesian :)
The first outfit in rust-brown is
my favo.


dilshad said...

i love the 3rd and 4th crazy about indosian hejab..i wish i could wear them..
thanks for posting indonesian styles.i always wait for tht when ur gonna post indonesian hejabs.
thx a lot.

Jana said...

Lisa, I follow the opinion that hijab requirements can be fulfilled without jilbab, though obviously as in all things, there are a variety of opinions. Here is one fatwa to support that view.

My best advice is for each person to research the matter on their own, and decide for themselves.

Jessyz, Kholod, Dilshad, glad you liked them!

Candice said...

I love the organge one. Beautiful orange colour and nice style.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

The orange and the burgundy ones are the BUSINESS!!!

Anonymous said...

Assalam 'alaikum
Dear ladies, I'm Desi from Indonesia, very happy to see the growing acceptance of moslem wear in a non moslem country. I'm about to set my online moslem wear store and wud like to know if you are all interested in purchasing these kind of clothes especially shafira via online web?
Also what wud you like to purchase with regard to moslem wear/accessories?

Thank you for your feedback,


Desi Mahdi

dilshad said...

assalami alikum
deshi mahdi,

im very very happy to hear tht ur about to start online purchasing..when will u start?i like indinesian hejabs like a mad.i want them as soon as possible but i live in bangladesh.i like the above pic.i will be happy if u purchase beutiful hejab pins.
thank a lot.

Jennifer said...

First photo, rust or orange color is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Antick from Indonesian. I am one of Fenny Mustafa big fans. I wear Shafira and adore it so much.Its affordable, comfortable, simple but rich in details. If you interested in Shafira please visit the website
If I'm not mistaken, Fenny Mustafa once held a solo fashion show in London in 2006 and cooperate with local entrepreneurs for distribution. I chose to be Shafira exclusive member so I could get the latest catalogue and a 20% discount for all items. I think, they also serviced for on-line abroad purchase (you can e-mail them for the details)
Best Regard


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