Saturday, 13 September 2008

Purple Daze

Maxi skirts are harder to find in Autumn/Winter, but this purple one from Promod is great for everyday wear. In this weather though, I'd probably put a pair of thick leggings or skinny jeans on underneath as well! I'd wear it with a grey cardigan, silver accessories, and a purple hijab and jewellery with a hint of turquoise:

Celestial wrap £9.95, Shukr; disc necklace £15, Dorothy Perkins; long grey cardigan £35, La Redoute; purple skirt £35, Promod; pewter chunky buckle bag £20, Dorothy Perkins; Aboston pumps £30, Faith.


Anonymous said...

hello jana.would u mind featuring attire that are not layered?bcoz i'm from malaysia and it's hot here to wear many layers. = )

hope u will consider.

sister nona.

jessyz said...

I like the skirt and the general color scheme, beautiful as usual Jana.

whiteazalea said...

Pendant With Genuine Rhodalite is the most suitable gemstone to match this set. Beautiful violet will add brighter effect to the fashion

Celeritas said...

Nice look Jana, I would definitly wear this. I do not have any skinny jeans because I'm pear shaped but I've always thought they would be good to wear under skirts during winter.

Its interesting to me that its harder to find maxi skirts for you in Fall/Winter for me in New Zealand its the reverse!

Jana said...

Anon, if you click on the 'outfits' label, you'll find plenty from June/July where I posted outfits suitable for warm weather :)

Jessyz, thanks!

Celeritas, I don't own any either, I find them really uncomfortable. Over here, it seems easier to find formal work maxi skirts in black/grey in winter, but not casual everyday ones.

Falling Up said...

Love everything about this outfit!


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