Monday, 15 September 2008

New Islamic Clothing Company

It's always good to find new companies that cater to the needs of Muslim women. Sadia Nosheen is a jilbab designer from Nottingham, who has been making and designing jilbabs since 2001. Now, she has set up her own company, Masoomah. The online shop is yet to launched, but if you visit the website, you can sign up to receive updates. This video shows a sneak preview of some of her designs. Not everything is to my taste, but it has potential. I quite like the burgundy colour and the trench coat styles:

Looking forward to the launch of Masoomah?


Kholod said...

It was dull! :( Kteeeer!
VERY indifferent colors and styles. Nothing new, stylish or creative at all :( Amman, Damascus and Cairo are full of such jilbabs. I don't see her as a designer, she is a merely fashion imitator.
Anyway.. allah ya3teeha el 3afyeh! :)

Jana said...

wallah ma3ek 7a2, bas ana ma b7eb koon kter monta2ede ya3ne. always room for improvement!

Btw are you lebanese wala mn sooreya? :D

Kholod said...

Dear Jana,
I'm a Palestinian, born in Syria, raised up in Kuwait and now living in Sweden :)
I know U're a Lebanese living in London. What is Ur major at university?!

I agree, there is always room for improvment; Ya3ni U can always spice up Masooma's jilbabs with colorful hijabs, chic purses and golden long necklaces and accessories, maybe with long wool colored scarves, now that autumn is here! I REALLY don't know why she didn't add any patterns or embroidery to her jilbabs, to personalize them ??!!

Anyway... Allah yejazeeha kol khair for creating Islamic fashion and for making the effort for sisters with jilbabs.


Celeritas said...

Inshallah the sister has success with her designs!

I personally do not wear jilbab but to my eys the cut looks a little like men's thobes but clothes always look funny when not on models (although I respect very much her decision not to use them).

Jana said...

Lol ahlan be Kholod :D I'm studying medicine. Since this is her first collection, I guess she can always make modifications later once she gets customer feedback.

Celeritas, I agree they do look quite thobe-like!

Kholod said...

ان شاء الله يا جانا تنجحي بأعلى الدرجات و تجيبي أحسن مجموع مع شهادة تقدير
و ترفعي راس المسلمين قدام كل جامعتك
الله يوفقك بكل امتحان و يحبب فيكي كل أساتذنك

قولي آميييييييييين

Noor said...

Anyone know who this nasheed is by in the video? :)

jameela said...

salaam i would jus like to say in the uk we have different taste to the asian/arab countries mashallah i have purchased 3 jilbabs from masoomah and mashallah i love the designs and the quality of the material is excellent. keep up the good work sister and i cant wait for your new designs.

Anonymous said...

Salam Jameela,how did you buy these?I am looking to buy some but her website is not working?!Please let me know,thank you

jameela said...

wasalaam. i brought it from the sister herself i went to her house. I think her number is on her website. ihope that helps

Anonymous said...

Salam Jameela,thank you for your replay,yes I left the mesage on her answering mashine but she did not respond yet...hopefuly she does in few days as I am looking for some attire for Eid.Once again thank you....

Anonymous said...

aslamulaikum i must agree alot of the designs in in the arab and asian contintent are very different. Too be all honest with you i wouldn't personally wear arab style they are just too much jazzy. I think you need to remember why we wear the jilbab its is to cover oursleves modestly. Allhumdulliah the sister has produced designs which are contemporary and very exlusive allhumdulliah i do personally like them and i am sure inshallah that sister will have success in the coming years if she carrys on designing the way she is because in the uk their is a big hype about her jilbabs. anyway jzk for having the patient in reading my comment and i hope all sisters have a good eid . Masalam

Jana said...

I'm not sure why everyone feels the need to tell me what people like 'here in the UK' - where exactly do you think I live?!

Anon 2, you said "I think you need to remember why we wear the jilbab its is to cover oursleves modestly"

Thanks for the reminder but I think we know perfectly well why Muslim women choose to wear jilbab, and that's the same reason as hijab - to cover your awrah. If your definition of 'modesty' entails plain and dull/dark colours, it doesn't mean that's what Islam requires.

If someone thinks the designs are boring, then as a potential customer, that's their right. And sorry to say, but judging from the video (the real deal maybe different), there's nothing 'exclusive' whatsoever about the designs. As Kholod said, these styles are actually really popular in the Levant countries - I recall my aunts wearing similar things. (Which also brings to mind your definition of 'Arab' things being too 'jazzy' - what's with the sweeping generalisations?)

Anyway, obviously I wish her all the best, but I do wish that people would appreciate, as potential customers we have the right to critique what's on offer.

Anonymous said...

Selam sisters,I have purchased some of the sister's design jilbabs,I am very happy with it.,The sister is easy to comunicate with,she is religous,she knows what modern proffesional muslims sisters in Uk like to wear.The colours of her designs are modern,timeless and very appeling for us who want to practise our deen properly.I personaly do not like any glitsy style abayas that come from other cpuntry's and her design suit me perfect as they reflect to the core how should muslimah be dressed in today's world.Tumbs up sister from Notthingham and my Allah reword you for all your efforts in trying to fullfil the gap that was in the market for very long time.

Anonymous said...

I love a store in the US One Islamic Store They have nice quality clothing at affordable prices. They have many lovely hijabs.

Yvonne, My Halal Kitchen said...

Thank you for sharing this sister's company with the rest of us. I think the designs are quite classy and the nice thing is that you as the consumer can dress it how you like- each one is almost like a plain canvas from which you can throw on the type of jewelry and accessories according to how you'd like to dress it up or down for the occasion you're wearing it. I'm in the U.S. and I'll be visiting her site, insha'allah.


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