Sunday, 21 September 2008

Muslim Designers Create Clothes That Combine Fashion with Modesty

It's always great to see new designers catering for Muslim women. These two are definitely a pair to look out for:

19 September 2008
By Howard Cincotta

Nyla Hashmi, 23, and Fatima Monkush, 25, are uncommon women with a lot in common. They grew up best friends in Hartford, Connecticut. Both of them have Muslim fathers from South Asia and American mothers who converted to Islam.

And now, both are committed to designing chic clothing that offers Muslim women a way to dress both modestly and fashionably.

The two hope to launch their new clothing line, called Eva Khurshid, in February 2009. Although the designers have a specific market in mind, they also hope to reach a broad base of potential customers.

"The name will be recognizable as Muslim, but any woman would look great in our clothes," said Hashmi. She describes the line as "American clothing for working women 25 to 34 years old with an on-the-go lifestyle."

Read the rest here.

The end of the article also links to a great video about designer Brooke Samad and her brand Marabo (I have a feeling she is responsible for the drawing in my Islamic Clothing Updates post too!)


Celeritas said...

Nice post, I really like the video about Brooke Samad, so positive!

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that non-hijabi sisters are working together with hijabi sisters for a common goal, to dress modestly. Its showing how our sisterhood can grow into unity. May Allah bless everyone for their intentions.

afifawear said...

great article. I am so loving your emails.. good job.


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