Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The multiple shades of the hijab

Al Jazeera English is having a field day covering the hijab in Egypt. Following on from the Everywoman episode, this article talks about hijab fashion. It mentions briefly designer Reham Farouq, whose designs I've posted previously here.

By Dina Abdel-Mageed in Cairo

When a US-based television network introduced Ro'ya Zanaty, a veiled Egyptian woman, as part of its "21 and the World is Yours" programme, it portrayed her as a "combination of contradictions".

A Western audience may find it an interesting - if not novel - story that a veiled Muslim woman listens to pop music and is willing to approach a man and ask him out.

But for many in Egypt and the Middle East, a veiled woman mixing eastern and western traditions is nothing new.

In the past two decades, young veiled women have been increasingly active in society - they can be seen in universities, cafes, sports clubs, and mixed social gatherings, hosting talk shows and commenting on everything from contemporary politics to sex education and the latest fashion sense.

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