Wednesday, 24 September 2008

More Hijab and Hats

My last post on hijab and hats back in April was about a formal, Ascot-style. This time, the look is more wearable. This photo is of an Iranian actress, and it looks like she has a black turban or bonnet cap on, pinned or tucked into a turtle neck, with the hat on top. What I first thought when I saw this, was how suitable it would be for Muslimahs who live in areas where it's dangerous (or downright illegal) to wear hijab. I've yet to try out the hat look myself, are you a fan?


Anonymous said...

I really like hijab hats, Ive tried doing something similar but it just feels really strange. So used to wearing a scarf.

Great for winter as there is a huge range of hats in the shops plus it would keep us nice and warm too!!


Zaenab said...

great pic, probs wouldnt do it myself but i can see how it would be useful for some

Anonymous said...

shes so pretty she could make anything look nice...
personally its not my style or for my age group but would look great on some

Anonymous said...

salam aleykoum

it is jewish style, i once wear such hijab and hat and some jews greetings me by shalom it was funny and embarassing i just smile back at them
soubhanalah u girls are so lucky and blessed to wear hijab as u want why are u always looking new style and new way to wrap
the only reason why i used to wear hijab and hat or bonnet or egyptian hijab is just in a way to look like less muslim for my interviewer when i apply for a job
i am not telling u that the fact that u wear it that way is non islamic BEWARE i am just trying to explain u that in my country FRance, when u are a hijabi it is very hard to find a job wiTh hijab so we have to crafty with hijeb by avoiding black and wrap hijab in a different way
when i was in university one of my teacher wanted me to wear more colorfull hijeb yellow pink and so anD so i was so estonished it is not her business after all even my mummy do not tell me what to wear soubhanallah AND EVEN IF I WEAR A MULTICOLOR HIJEB THAT WOMEN WILL FOUND AND OTHER POINT MAYBE NEXT STEP WAS TO TAKE IT OFF But it is write in the holly book:""Neither the Jews, nor the Christians will never be satisfied with you, until that you follow their religion" sourate albaquara verse 120
take care make du'as for me please my name is flifla

Huda said...

beautiful find, she looks great. I think it will suit anyone trying to get comfortable with hijaab or live in a overtly Islamaphobic countries.

Anonymous said...

From what I know, wearing a hat is haram because it is a jewish tradition, as it was stated by a sister. Personally, I would never wear such a thing even though I am currently living in a non-muslim country. If someone is honest about their intentions of wearing the hijab, they should not care about if non-muslims will look down upon them because an order of Allah will be more important than "what ppl think". So I think it is hypocritical of a hijabi to wear a hat because I really think that the hijab is not just an accessory so it shouldn't be mixed up with non-muslim stuff

Jana said...

Anon, what an unbelieveably ignorant and judgemental comment.

1. It's not up to you to decide what is and is not haram, and flifla never said it was.

2. There is nothing inherently Jewish about hats - they have been worn by people of many cultures and religions. You clearly don't know much about Jewish ones for that matter.

3. No one here is suggesting that a Muslimah wears a hat so that non-Muslim people don't look down on her. I think I've made it evident on this blog that we are proud of our hijab. If you had actually read what I had written I stated: 'What I first thought when I saw this, was how suitable it would be for Muslimahs who live in areas where it's dangerous (or downright illegal) to wear hijab'. Please do not EVER call another sister hypocritical for what she wears. That is not for you to judge.

4. If you think hats are classified as 'non-Muslim stuff' (er, and what exactly is that supposed to be??), then I suggest you take a look at some traditional Saudi Arabian clothing:

Bobbi said...

Jana, sometimes I disagree with some of your fashion choices, but subhanallah, I nearly ALWAYS agree with your logical responses to the rubbish some people post on this blog. Kudos to you Jana, for making hijab fun, interesting, fashion-forward AND MODEST.

Where I live it is sunny nearly 340days out of the year. Lots of people wear hats here. Muslim and non-Muslim. I wear hijab with hats all the time, especially in the summer. To those people that say hats are a "jewish" tradition...where do you think we got pants from? And shoes? And, underpants? And shirts? The jews were here before us...Are we supposed to walk around naked because Jews, Christian, Non-believers, pagans, etc all where clothes?? Ugh.

loolt said...

I would personally for for a tightly wrapped scarf around my neck then the hat... but overall I love the look, and to wear the scarf more traditionally may make it clearer that you are muslim, which would adress the issue flifla brought up.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I live in Australia where broad brimmed sun hats are a compulsory part of most school uniforms. This would be a good way for the girls to wear them.

Anonymous said...

Living in Switzerland and having only recently decided to wear a scarf, I have worn a hat. I tend to intially wear a hat when I know I am meeting a group of people for the first time. My reason is I want them to get to know me as a person and not dismiss me because of their owm personal prejudices. I will always on a subesquent meeting wear a scarf. I also find depending on the weather and what I may be doing that day I may choose a hat over a scarf. the winters are cold and hat pulled over my ears and covering all my hair with either a warm scarf around my necy or a turtle neck seems modest enough.

phytolipide said...

I agree with the sister who mentioned that it is sunny where she lives and that she wears hats to protect her head/face/skin from the sun. I personally wear visors in the summer for that reason - a hat would just add extra heat.

There are a number of Muslim women who follow the Sufi path who regularly wear hats.

My guess is that the actress is wearing a hat with hijab because the Iranian movie she is in is set in the past - like in the 1950s or 1940s when it would have been the fashion for women to wear hats - while at the same time strange for them to wear hijab. Yet, because hijab is mandated in Iran and strictly enforced in Iranian film she has to wear hijab in the film (although it would not have been historically accurate). So we are not looking at a fashion choice, so much as a legal necessity in Iran.


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