Friday, 19 September 2008

Eid Inspiration 3

A silky maxi dress with a cropped jacket is a great look for a formal evening Eid party. You also need an Al-Amirah underneath this hijab for opacity:

Teal tulip maxi dress £55, Wallis; turquoise georgette hijab £8.99, Hijab Store Online; crystal topped silver plated ring £22, Treasure Box; satin pleat clutch £18, Accessorize; black tuxedo crop jacket £25; black satin peeptoe shoe £30, both Dorothy Perkins.


Kholod said...

Blue and black is a beautiful festive mixture! Specially the turquoise blue with black. It's my first choice when I attend to parties.
Lately I am even loving the blue with brown. VERY eye catching! ;)


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Kholod, this is a beautiful color combination and very wearable outfit. I think I might go for a higher necked jacket to make neck coverage easier, buth that's just details, the overall look is lovely.

Jana said...

If you've got an al-amirah on underneath the shayla, it should provide coverage. Else just wear a black t-shirt underneath :)

Alix said...

Lovely. I wear these maxis under my black abayas and they are my favourite fahsion trend of the year!

Mariam said...

My sister bought that dress, she wore to my cousins wedding.
Her outfit was to wear black high heels shoes, with a black top and she wore it with a black cardigan, she would have got a shrug or something sparkly but she didn't have time to get one.
She got a teal colour hijaab from Arabian Nites

Anonymous said...


je suis de france et j'aime beaucoup tous les genre de vetement et hijab j'aimerai beaucoup en acheter mais je ne comprend pas l'anglais pouvez -vous faire une version en francais afin de pouvoir commander


wa salam


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