Friday, 12 September 2008

Eid Inspiration 1

I absolutely love this brown and gold Egyptian galabeya from Al Jilbab - they're giving 10% off all items until September 15th. Team with a rich gold pashmina and clutch bag, and satin t-bar shoes for a beautiful Eid outfit:

Ahlam Galabeya £32.38, Al Jilbab; gold pashmina £14.99, Scarf World; glitter stripe clutch £25; brown Lois t-bar shoes £55, both Accessorize.


Anonymous said...

salam aleykoum
the clutch is gorgeous!not fan of the abaya too much patterns on the front but the color of the hijab suits both the end of the sleeves and the clutch

mariam said...

I agree with flifla on the abaya.. but I like the pashmina, clutch, and shoes :)

Me said...

Just wanted to say jazake Allah khayran for this blog :-)
I just moved to the US after having lived all my life in Muslim countries with easy access to hijab friendly clothes and absolutely TONS of scarves/veils..
your blog is helping me find stuff online that I could buy...
Thanks again :-)

Eid Cards said...

Wow it looks so gorgeous!!

Jana said...

Flifla, Mariam, too much eh :D

Me, you're welcome!

Eid cards, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ramadon kareem everyone!!!
i want this madly. i love everything about it!! =D


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