Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Dubai Fashion Week A/W 2008

The Autumn/Winter 2008 edition of Dubai Fashion Week took place on March 19th-22nd 2008. You can watch the show on episode 15 of Busana here. Two designers taking part in the show specialised in abayas - the first was Amal Murad with her UAE label Redaa:

Also showcasing her collection was Saudi designer Hend Halawani, who just so happens to be the mother of Loai Nassem of the awesome menswear label Lomar. Not so keen on the skinny jeans look though:


Hijabista said...

Wow, the one in gold was really nice (excluded the jeans)!

Anonymous said...

oh my God !! the first and the second are sooo stylish, the gold one will be perfect for a wedding as a guest of course, and i will wear under a black abaya instead of jean or a large black satin trouser

Khadija said...

Hi Jana,

I just saw some of your press on your blog. Congratulations! Wish you all the success inshallah!

dilshad said...

why can't i see the pic?can anyone help about this?

umm irfan said...

very nice indeed..It's just that I hope what we wear goes along with the right pure intention. I saw a lot of muslim ladies upon entering non-muslim countries just take off the abayas and the hijab. Voila..showing off the free hair and tight clothes. I always thought abayas goes with people with right attitude to wear it.

Candice said...

Wow, I love the first and second abayas from the second designer (the gold one and the one with the branches). I want them!

Anonymous said...

The second one with Gold inprints is wonderful. any information how to buy them, any stores for Hend's ocstumes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, any help will be much appreciated!!!

Jana said...

Anon, these are the details on the DFW website:

Designer Contact Details
Address : Al-Rawda Street
Saudi- Jeddah

Tel. No. : 00966 22631788

Fax : 00966 22631670

Email :

Web :

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Jana for your help.
Although the aforementioned phone number is not really working and no one is answering. On the other hand, the website is directing to Lomar thobe which has no mentioning what so ever of Hend's work or products. Any help????

Lynn said...

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