Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Al Yashmac Fashion Show

Why, oh why don't we have somwhere in the UK that designs gorgeous jalabiyas like these? Al Yashmac is one of the leading Gulf brands when it comes to jalabiyas, and I think the photos speak for themselves. Not for outdoor wear obviously, but these are prettier than any Dior or Valentino gown I've ever seen. Visit their website to see lots more from the current range, and just ignore the price tag :D


Maisastic said...

since i lived 23 yrs in dubai, and i still visit it every once in a while, i pay alyashmek store a visit everytime im around. its extremly expensive and the materials arent as good as they look.
but anyway, i love the green jalabeyeh.

Jana said...

The prices are ridiculous I agree. And for that price you'd expect quality, such a shame!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the blue one with the hijab. Masha allah it is so beautiful. It would be great for Eid or special occasion

Great find Jana, Carry on the good work, May Allah reward you x

Zaenab said...

lovely, i want them all!

Candice said...

I'm so-so on about half of these, and find the other half really beautiful. What I really don't like is the material in the second black one... I hate shiny-type black material... looks kinda cheap... I really like the orangey-reddy one about 3/4 down.

Anonymous said...

Jana I think the market for these beautiful jalabiyas in the UK is too small, because most UK women work 24/7..full time jobs + plus time mum + full time cook and cleaner lol that we don't really have that lifestyle here to wear such gorgeous clothes.

Shame though :(


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