Monday, 15 September 2008

Abu Dhabi Fashion Week

The latest edition of Abu Dhabi Fashion Week took place during March 15th-18th 2008. The show featured a mix of established international brands like Missoni and Emilio Pucci, as well as local designers such as Aisha Bin Desmal, Amina Al Jassim and Rabia Z. These three are the ones that caught my eye in particular. Rabia Zargarpur is the only one with a focus specifically on hijab clothing, and you can see many photos of her collection in my post here back in June. Al Jassim also showcased her abaya collection during Sheila and Abaya Fashion 2008 earlier this year. Both her and Bin Desmal have more of a focus on using traditional Arab designs and patterns in their clothing, though a lot of the clothes could still be worn with hijab. You can read more about these designers here, and these are a few photos from the show:

Amina Al Jassim:

Aisha Bin Desmal:


Basbousa said...

Gurl, you got me again :D I saved those pics to my computer, but you were the faster one. Great post :D

bebe said...

its more like a fashion show by women who happened to be muslims.. rather than an islamic fashion show.

Jana said...

Lol basbousa :D

Bebe, it's more like me wanting to organise my posts how I see fit...
Plus I think 'Islamic' encompasses clothing that is inspired by the designer's Islamic heritage (which these were), rather than just conforming to hijab requirements.

mariam said...

lol at you and basbousa.. we all think alike eh :)
I actually have a post planned on Amina Al-Jassim.. so stay tuned..
but in the meantime... love the pics, so rich and beautiful!

Kholod said...

I REALLY wish those FANTASTIC beduin head golden/silver accesories/adornments will become wearable fashion one day! They are so Arabic and so original. I just love them.
I have tried to wear many of my neat necklaces, with small stones, over my forehead with hijab, hoping to create Indian/beduin style :P It looks very nice. but I didn't know how to fix them to my head. It just needed more work than I was willing to do!
Do U sweet girls have any idea about how to do it?! It would be a great idea for party/Eid/gathering fashion.


Anonymous said...

slmz could you please find out wat it is that emarati girls use under they sheila in order to get that big high bun coz it makes the hijab sit so much beta on the head n also if its possible to post a pic of it ....shukran!

Jana said...

Anon, I did a post about the Gulf hijab here:

And this is clip that's used under the hijab:


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