Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Working Girl

I admit, I am guilty of posting hardly any items that are available in plus sizes, sorry! But I found the perfect long white shirt from La Redoute, and it's available in sizes 14-30. Pair with a long black skirt, patent shoes and a square hijab tied Turkish style, and you have a simple but stylish Autumn work outfit:

White shirtdress £29, La Redoute; black maxi skirt £20, Evans; monochrome spotted scarf £13.99, Scarf World; purple croc frame bag £35, Dorothy Perkins; Cointly court shoes £45, Debenhams; glamour bobble ring £12, Accessorize; long sleeve top £9.90 (pack of 3), Bon Prix.


Basbousa said...

Good job. I feel I never manage to put together the perfect office-hijab outfit

srtuba said...

I love the ring. It's gorgeous. I wnat it. Too bad I'm 15 and broke. :(

Anonymous said...

salam, i just stumbled on this blog & i just love it!
insyaAllah, i plan to wear the headscarf soon and your blog has provided me with so much info and ideas. one can be stylish and presentable even in hijab!
keep posting! :)


Anonymous said...

can you wear a 3/4 length skirt with knee high boots? i saw a muslim sister wear it and thought that dont look right. my sister said its ok, because she has covered her leg..

fateme alizade said...

Hi Janet I wish you would be fine. My name is fateme a Muslim girl from Iran. I am quit happy to find your blog and I’ve linked you in my blog. During last few years, some fashion festivals named “My Country Females” have been held in Iran. Unfortunately, these festivals don’t have enough experience and influence yet. Hopefully, they will gradually improve to have effective influences very soon. I’ll send you the pictures of the last fashion festival. Maybe it would be useful for you.
See you soon
my blog is: www.fateme.ir (persian blog)

fateme said...

sorry ... jana ! is corect ... :">

A Happy Hijaabi said...

As Salaamu Alaikum,

totally wish I could take you shopping with me, so you need to move to the united states, not only because of the cheaper cost of living but because we have a totally different style sense, plus I'm curious to what even you could hijabify at the store.

I love this blog though. I always print out pictures for shopping ideas.
I also bet you have the best closet.


A Happy Hijaabi

Jana said...

Basbousa - office wear is so easy. As long as you have a basic black skirt and black trousers, you're sorted!

srtuba - aww lol, wait for the sales? :P

mrshusin - mashallah! May Allah (swt) make it easy for you. Glad you're finding the blog useful!

Anon - I personally don't think it should be done. This is because the boots are usually tight, so show the shape of the leg anyway. Also your thighs tend to show when you climb stairs, sit down, when the wind blows, etc., plus what happens when you need to take them off? I just avoid it.

fateme - thanks for the links!

Happy Hijaabi - this is quite surreal lol, I used to read Quest's blog for um, light entertainment! And no my wardrobe is not that amazing lol, but my sizeable hijab collection I am rather fond of :D

Celeritas said...

I'm so glad office hijab is easy for you to put together Jana, I find them very inspirational!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see some plus size options - all the outfits you post are so cute, and whenever I go to the website, I'm always one size too big :( Keep us in mind! Love this blog.


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