Thursday, 7 August 2008

Waistcoats and Wide legs

Some people can pull off waistcoats - I can't. For some reason I can't quite find one that fits me properly, and I'm not willing to spend silly amounts of money on one! But if I could, I'd wear it with this purple tunic, with the ruffles pulled out over it, and the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever found. I'd also add some gold bangles to wear this look out to dinner in the evening, or swap the clutch for a metallic shoulder bag for daywear.

If you are petite, there are a few easy things to look out for in the perfect pair of wide legs:

1. The length is key. The bottom hem of the trouser should cover your heel - this makes you look taller.

2. Dark washes are more slimming than light ones.

3. Look out for a tailored pair like these, rather than slouchy or baggy cuts. These are far more flattering and work better with the longer tops that we need to wear over them.

Violet ruffle tunic £25; black waistcoat £22; black long sleeve top £7; wide leg jeans £25, all Dorothy Perkins; purple scarf £19.99, Silk Scarves; Fripepi shoes £55, Aldo; clutch bag £28, Oli.


Leila said...

Oh wonderful hijab! Black and purple matches so great..

Anonymous said...

This is very London isn't it?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this outfit
from a 'petit':)

Basbousa said...

Good job, Jana.
I love it!

Jana said...

Leila - yep, it's one of my favourites!

Alix - of course :D

Anon - you're welcome!

Basbousa - thanks!

Tabassum said...

I loveee the vest and ruffle top idea!


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