Friday, 8 August 2008

Sidra House of Fashion

Sidra is a hijab fashion brand that is designed by Rania Abbas and based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her collection includes tunics, kaftans and jilbabs - I love the hooded one in the 5th picture! At present, Sidra does not have a website, but Rania displays her collection in a showroom at her home.

As you can probably guess, these are not worn outside in Saudi Arabia, but according to Rania, they are popular at home during family gatherings, at the beach and when travelling abroad.

This is what she says about Sidra:

"My clothing is for all mohajabat in the world, I target different age groups to help every one. I promised my self the day I wanted to wear the hijab, that I will not let go of being unique, and now I want everyone to feel the same. I want for girls, ladies to feel comfortable to make that decision knowing that they don't have to worry about finding clothes."

Click on each picture to enlarge:

Some of the models could do with looser jeans if those tops are to be worn with hijab. But what do you think of Sidra? Are you at all surprised at the hijab fashion coming out of Saudi?


Basbousa said...

Pretty cute, Jana, but you are right, the tops could be a little longer!

Sabia said...

yeah the tops are beautiful but either they should be longer to cover the thigh area or the bottoms should be looser. But I'd still buy these beautiful tops!

Anonymous said...

OOOH I love this!
Nicely done! It's hard to find fashion that's already hijabified for you, on my blog, I just find different pieces and make my own hijabi fashion, but good job on finding this!

I was a little shocked to see that saudi had hijab fashion a while ago.. I think it was on fashion file I was watching that was showing fashion in the middle east. It was really nice, and then at the end of the show, all the men and cameras left and there was a woman's party where they could all take off their hijabs and show off the clothing they were wearing!

<3 HijabiFashionista

Anonymous said...

what a very nice collection!!!
is there a website for this??
let us know if anyone knows.
jazak'allah khairan.

Mariam said...

Love this article Jana. Saudi is quite fashionable and the women I think are really into it because they aren't offered too much creativity in general (with black abayas 24/7 anyone would go crazy lol).

pink_marshmallow said...

asalam alaikum sis

love smock tops i have a few, but mine are a bit longer so they come down to my mid thigh.

would definately buy some of them though.

wa salam

Anonymous said...

I really dig the first top. Ya know, when I think of Saudi fashion I never think of bright colors.

ameera said...

ooh the pink one & the orange one are gorgeous, MA - can we order these online - pls let me know the website

dilshad said...

these r really nice..but from where we can buy those?can anyone inform tht pls..

Sharshura said...

I just have to say the last 2 are my absolute favorites!! :~)

Anonymous said...

asalam alaikum everyone!

I LOVE this style. I live in Chicago (USA) so we have a little more liberties as far as dress is concerned. My daughters are in high school and they so totally love that they can were this style and not stand out like sore thumbs, you all know how mean high school girls can be. I appreciate you all showing us here in the states another way to be hijabi and be hip!

Anonymous said...


Love all these tops! They look stylish, colourful and very comfortable. Wish they were available in UK though.

Keep up the good work :)

Scarf Ace said...

the tops are super cute!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know Saudi women had fashion, I seriously thought there were just black jilbabs and abayas. Masha'Allah they are so nice and colorful. I should consider some for small get togethers ;)

Alixianna said...

I am always dismayed that people think Saudi Women wear nothing but black. If you go there you will see the MOST glamourous fashions at women only parties, and amazing hijab fashions and jalibiyias, along with plain and elegantly cut abayas and niqabs. There are differen't niqab cut styles and gloves ect.

Coffee Catholic said...

Why oh why doesn't she have a website??? *Sigh* These tops are fantastic and I love the dress too!

It's a nice change from dresses/tops covered in gold embroidery. That stuff is very nice but often far too flashy for my every-day life!

Anonymous said...


I have a random question. Might sound silly but I have to ask.

I have heard that women who wear hijabs tend to lose a lot more hair since the head can't breathe.

Now, IF that is true...can u make a post about breathable hijabs and breathable yet modest outfits. It will also be a good summer-time post for those of us in USA :)

Thanks sister!

Jana said...

Sidra doesn't have a website up yet unfortunately! I'll let you know if it's launched.

Anon, I've never heard or experienced that myself. I have quite thick hair myself. Check out my archives from June and July for lots of Summer dressing tips.


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