Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sheila and Abaya Fashion 2008

The third annual Sheila and Abaya Fashion show at Dubai Summer Surprises 2008 is taking place on 7th-11th August. Several designers and labels will be showcasing their collections each day. The last day will also see the winner of the Crystallized Arabian Creation Award announced.

Here are some of the designs featured so far:

Abayas by Saudi designer Amina Al Jassim (pictured top left):

Abayas by Omani designer Khadijah Al Lamki (pictured top left), winner of the amateur category of the Swarovski Young Designer Awards 2007:

More pictures:

You can see lots more pictures here. What do you think?


hal786 said...

salam sis gr8 site keep it up

Basbousa said...

I think the abayas look fantastic!

Salwa said...

i love photo 6 and 7
thanks for the pics :D

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

very elegant

Habayeb said...

i went for the show! lalalala! lol ok whtever :P some of the abayas were too flashy to be honest but some were really elegant!

muslim beauty said...

I LOVE the abayas in the pics, very elegant!

Anonymous said...

i love the 2nd one from khadijah.just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

why are the models not wearing the hijab when they are modelling abayas?


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