Thursday, 21 August 2008

News Roundup

A roundup of recent articles that have been sitting in my favourites for far too long:

A Muslim Woman's Closet: Style Solutions

Washington Post's Sabrina Enayatulla gives us fashion tips on dressing for summer weddings. I'm loving her hijab style with the earrings hanging out. I wonder if this will become a regular feature? Watch the video here.

Al-Gassra a standout in her hijab
August 19, 2008

Roqaya Al-Gassra is adding a distinctive touch to the 200 meters at the Beijing Olympics.
While most attention in the event is on the duel between the Jamaican and American sprinters, Al-Gassra has qualified for the semifinals wearing a neck-to-ankle suit and hijab, a full Muslim headscarf.

Read the rest here.

Lifting veil on Islamic style
August 4, 2008

Muslim women Aneesa Adam and Asha Bulle are used to donning headscarfs and modest clothing that covers their bodies from head to toe.

But on Thursday, the pair will have to overcome their shyness when they hit a makeshift runway during a celebration of Islamic fashion at the Kilbirnie Library in Wellington.

About 25 Muslim women from Pakistan, Ethiopia, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will model a mix of traditional Islamic clothing and more modern threads during the female-only event, part of the fifth annual Islam Awareness Week starting today.

Read the rest here.

Sisters design head-coverings, Norwegian-style
July 30, 2008

Two sisters who emigrated from northern Iraq to Norway as children and have studied costume and fashion design are launching their own line of head-coverings, geared to Muslim women in Scandinavia.

"We started using the hijab three years ago, and it was very difficult to find any that fit into daily life in a western country," Nafeesah Badrkhan told Oslo newspaper Aften.

Read the rest here.

Summer fashion for Muslim women
July 3, 2008

For the many Muslim women who choose to wear modest clothing outside their homes, summertime fashion can be a challenge. Religious guidelines that suggest women wear head scarves, long-sleeved shirts and pants or long skirts are easy to follow during Chicago's long, cold winters. The challenge comes when the weather heats up and the store shelves are filled with shorts and tank tops—pieces that, without longer layers, don't work for many Muslim women.

Clothing designer Sarah Juman-Yassin found that young women who wanted to wear modest clothing on hot days had to borrow an oversized shirt from their brother's closet or wear something more suited for older women.Too many of the lightweight long shirts sold in the summertime are meant as swimsuit cover-ups and are too transparent for women trying to be modest, she said. So, the Toronto-based designer launched her own designs on in 2003 and now caters to a great mix of customers.

Read the rest here. Should be useful for all the US readers!

Behind the veil
June 4, 2008

During the last six years, images of Islam have flooded the media — some positive, others negative, but almost all of them misunderstood.

For many Americans, the most common image of Islam is of a veiled woman. Pictures in newspapers or on TV depict everything from a completely covered woman in Afghanistan to the more common headscarf.

Read the rest here.

Somali Fashion Show

April 8, 2008

LEWISTON - To show the difference between a hijab (head covering) and a jilbab (coat) and why they wear them, a group of Edward Little and Lewiston high school students are hosting a Somali fashion show.

The show is to help bridge community cultures with something everyone, especially females, can relate to - fashion.

Read the rest here.


Anonymous said...

Great Articles! Thank you for everything! I love your blog and probably visit it everyday!

Anonymous said...

If you find out the website for the Norwegian hijabs, please let us know. Its always handy to have something easy to wear.

Jana said...

Anon 1, jazakallah khair, I'm glad you're finding it useful :)

Anon 2, as far as I know, they don't have website :(

Scarf Ace said...

cool links. i like sabrina from the washington post's style. i wonder how she gets her earrings out like that? are they pinned to her scarf? is that why her scarf is pulled forward on her forehead? i think it looks good on her, but i have a shorter forehead so it wouldn't look as good. there are styles of scarves that suit a face shape the same way that glasses (specs) do, i suppose :-) what do u think?

oh and is she wearing a tube dress on top of a shirt in the first clip? that's cool because i just did a polyvore thing with that same style, looks great in person!


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