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Muslim youth speak out about wearing of the hijab

January 22, 2008

There have always been generational clashes between parents and their children.

Ibtissam Mustaq knows these struggles well. She has battled for years with her parents about how to observe her religious beliefs. Although she's a 21-year-old University of Toronto student, the clash still exists.

However for Mustaq, a devout Muslim who's lived most of her life in Toronto, it's not the battle you may think.

For Mustaq, she has been fighting to wear the hijab, or religious headscarf.

Traditionally, Muslim girls wear the hijab, which she has done since she was 15, but her mother disagrees with her decision.

"She doesn't want me wearing it because she's afraid that in this society it will hinder my progress, and she wants to be feminine and look pretty," Mustaq said.

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Anonymous said...

'audubillaah.. I think that it is very sad if parents HINDER their children to obey Allah and be better muslims

nihad said...

assalam alaikum,
it's more of a clash b/n subjugated women and free women.. the mothers usually come from countries where their freedom is hindered and so the first thing they can think of when they come to western countries is the hijab removal whereas the kids are so used to freedom in all things especially their dresses ..but it only becomes an issue when they decide to cover up instead of dressing like their contemporaries.. at least dats what i think.. wud love to know wat others think

Anonymous said...

Im British born, and i agree with what Nihad sais. when my sister started wearing hijaab, my dad didnt like it. he thought it was too extreme.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum to all sisters

Allah chooses whoever he wants to guide.Whoever Allah guides nobody can misleads him and whoever Allah misleads no one can guide him.

I personally know of a girl who's parents are Muslims and her father totally disapproved of her wearing the Hijab,she had to pack her hijab in her bag and wrap it on the bus stop
so as not to cause an uproar each and every morning.Her parents disapproving and discouraging her from obeying Allah, has certainly been a big blow for her.
This is a test from Allah she used to say.Let there be no confusion there is certainly no obedience in the disobedience of Allah. What I mean to say is that Although we are asked to be kind to our parents and obey them , obeying them to the extent of displeasing Allah is an absolute no-no.

With Allah lies all success.Whoever submits himself fully to Allah , Allah makes his life easy and beautiful.
Alhamdulillah things are much better for her nowadays.

May Allah keep us steadfast and righteous.

Anonymous said...

wow, I thought faith like this was dead, reading these comments makes me soooo happy! :D

Anonymous said...

SubhanAllah. I have a very similar struggle! It's really hard so I feel for this sister. May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah.

Anonymous said...

I'm am the writer of this article -nice to see discussions arose about it. Just wondering how it came to be on this blog... cheers

Jana said...

Thanks all for the discussions!

Maria, this blog is dedicated to women who wear the hijab. I mostly post about style and clothing, but also articles which are relevant to us. Good job on this one!

Anonymous said...

I think we should all write our comments on an article published at the following url
aboout a muslim runway show in Jakarta (Indonesia) onan American website. the writer does not understand the beauty of hijab... Shouldn't we explain it ?

Jana said...

Anon, I can't see anywhere we can comment?


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