Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Moroccan Street Style

I am sure we all love the luxurious and elegant Moroccan takchita or kaftans. But I tend to find street style a lot more interesting. These photos are all from the streets of Morocco - check out the brightly coloured jellabas, some even worn with niqab. I adore the blue in the bottom picture - brings a little sunshine into the grey English mornings, eh?

Woman walking in Marrakesh - Morocco

Moroccan Women


MarrakechXanthe said...

Liked your photos of street fashion in Morocco. I am British and I have moved to Morocco.
Liked your site.
Would like to link to this post?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i was wondering if any1 could help me. Im starting uni in sept and i have been looking for a nice black tote bag to carry my folders and things in. I have come across alot of jane norman bags but they just seem too common, if you find any that match the description please let me no, thanx.

YoungMuslimMother said...

Masha2 Allah. What a lovely celebration of color. They are so simple but so strikingly pretty like flowers in spring.

Jana said...

Xanthe, thanks! No problem.

Anon 1, will do inshallah!

YMM, I like your description :)

pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis

as most people know my hubby is moroccan, and i have so many of these some over there and 3 over here, and i love them. i have a browon one with an orange underess and embroidary made my sister inlaw when she was pregnanat mashallah, will have to put up photo.

wa salam

Salwa said...

im moroccan just got back from 3 weeks there. the recent fashion for jelabas is using satins instead of cotton and linen. so they are even more glamourous. i wish i took some snaps of them.
i bought a lovely one to wear for eid this year, its like a dress and has two layers in golds and browns. has a hood also.
they do some bright colours. liek bright pinks and greens.
personally they dont suit me i prefer the pastels and earthy colours and traditional moroccan colours.
thanks for the pics.
(sigh) i miss morocco

Candice said...

I like the hooded style of the Moroccan kaftans.

tsukiland said...

salam Alikom Sister ^^
i m moroccain n now Morocoo street Style more Fashionable than this ^^ n u just take an olde women pics ^^


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