Wednesday, 20 August 2008

More Malay Styles

As requested, here are more Malaysian styles that can be worn to give chest coverage:


UmmM said...

As-salaamu `alaykum,

JazaakAllaah khair, these are great. Covering chest is an essential part of Hijab.


Anonymous said...

Jazakallah, this is really a WONDERFUL website!!

dilshad said...

salam,im so happy to see these pictures..i really love malay and indinesian styles..thx so much for the post..i wish i could have the second anyone tell me how to get them?

Sharshura said...

I love these. I think I'm gonna definately try the last one.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum

Habiba Jana thanks for these lovely posts.

These wraps are quick to do and convenient for all age groups, elegant and modest.

Hey I just got inspired on how to use those light, airy , somehow sheer shaylas i have at the back of my drawer .Layering them looks like great Fun !!!!

May Allah bless you all

Carib Muslimah said...

I like these styles. I wish the instructions were in English. Maybe I'll have my friend translate...

Jana said...

UmmM, you're welcome!

Anon 1, thank you :)

Dilshad, do you mean the actual hijabs?

Sharshura, glad you liked them :)

Mouna, you're welcome! Layering is the best way to use up those shaylas!

Carib Muslimah, maybe one of my Malay readers could kindly oblige? :D

princessanna said...

Assalamu Alaikum...

dear frens...

i'm a malaysian. since i have been checking this blog almost everyday, i'm really impressed with all the entries. mabruk jana!!

perhaps i could translate the third picture:

1. wear a black cap ( u may need the hard cover at the front in order to keep the shayla's neat). then take 2 different colours of syalas. put them together, with one of them a quater shoter than the other one.
2. put the syalas with one of the side (left) shorter ( a quater shoter than the other side) and secure them at the back of your neck with small safety pin.
3.nicely pull the longer side (right)of the syalas to the front and to the center of your head.
4. secure with a pin
5. take the left side of the syalas to the front and secure them again with another pin.

WhiteAzalea said...


I am also from malaysia and proud with your collection of Malaysia style of wearing hijab. Since princessanna has translate no 3, let me translate no 1 and 2.

1. Wear black cap. Use 2 colors shawl. Put it on your head with the other end longer than than another one. Pin under your chin.
2. Pull the longer end to the opposite side of your shoulder. The shorter end to the opposite shoulder. Insert to the side of your jaw and bring it to the back. Use pin to make it look neat.
3. From behind, bring to side of your ear and use pin.
4. Use big size brooch as an accessories (visit my website to get brooch with free shipping - sorry this is the advertisement only.:) )

Picture no 2.
1. wear black cap and shawl and use pin to make it neat. Make sure the left side longer than the right side.
2. Put together right and left end behind your neck and pin.
3. Arrange end of your shawl neatly so its not look inflated.
4. Pull the longer end to the front and then up around your head.
5. Use pin to make the shawl on your head look more neat.
6. Use brooch with gemstones for amazing look (advertisement again - check my website)

He...he.. don't be angry. Its a good advertisement..

Jana said...

Thank you so much princessanna and whiteazalea, for the translations!!

MushuThaLohari said...

Thank you so so SO much Jana for sharing these pictures, and Princessanna and Whiteazalea for the translations! May Allah reward you for your efforts, insha Allah! (:

Anonymous said...

i just want to say thank u for ur post i'm loving the it wallah.. but could u please post some items that would help us muslim sisters from the US please i'm desparate seriously :)
thanks again


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