Friday, 29 August 2008


Full-length and flowing, there's plenty of hijab-friendly fashion to be had on the runways this Autumn. From maxi coats to dresses, these designer pieces are surprisingly jilbab-like. Hopefully the high street will catch up soon! Click on each for the designer and to enlarge:


Kholod said...

I've seen lot of wide belts for autumns style! It flatterd the body in a beautiful way and it's a good way to zest any outfit.

Jana said...

Belts are a hijab don't because of the way they highlight your figure. You can make it work over thick coats though, as long as the belt is not done up too tightly, the structure of the coat will hide your shape.

iam1qt said...

the wide belts have been the trend all year, most notably in the summer. it's BELTS everyWHERE; big-WWE style.
i like the bling-bling feel to them.
very funky and stylish.
thanks for posting recent runway shots.

Alixianna said...

I bought four killer maxi dresses on sale cuz of end of summer sales. $40.00. I wear them over pants anyway with the exception of the hottest days (it is usually London-like weather here in Victoria B.C.) so I'll be swining in them all through the winter months. I'be been missing these long sweaters. Yay. The best thing about fall are the long cardis and wrap sweaters.

Kholod said...

AGREE! Belts spice up any outfit. Whether it's a cardie, a maxi dress or a long jacket. U have a whole new style with the wide belt.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Alixianna,
I live south of you in Tacoma WA. I'll be in Voctoria in late October/early November for a short visit. What's the weather usually like at that point?


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