Saturday, 16 August 2008

Malaysian Hijab Styles

If you liked the Malaysian styles featured in Busana, here are a few to try out for yourself. Click on each to enlarge:


Anonymous said...

Great article Jana!

The Malaysian Hijab style is so nice, and so colourful too. It is nice to see how to wrap in this style.

If any sisters out there is looking for this style but made easy I have a few 1 piece Scarves from Malaysia.

Thay are a bit more expensive than other hijabs instore but they are really nice quality and have beautiful beading etc. You can check them out here:

elia said...

the first picture looks distinctively indonesian :) though the step-by-step shots are malaysian...

Jana said...

Sara, thanks! Those look gorgeous!

Elia, really? I sometimes get confused between the two. Is there an easy way to tell?

Anonymous said...

The first one's Indonesian because Malaysians don't wear their hijab like that. I never see my relies or anyone wear that whenever I go back to Malaysia or Singapore. Even now their go more Egyptian. The clothes are very Indonesian but the rest are Malaysians. But its great that you featured some Malaysian style. I've been wearing that for yonks and when I came to Egypt I felt so out of fashion with how creative these guys are with their hijabs.

Anonymous said...

Jazakallah kheyr for sharing!! I've been looking for some new ways to wear my hijab :D Thank you sister! Love your blog <3

iNa said...

thanks for putting this up...i feel proud of it :-)

elia said...

hi again jana! no, i dont think there's an easy way to tell, but don't worry about it, it's not a big deal! :)

i live in very multicultural australia, but am originally from singapore. when i first got here, i couldnt tell an egyptian from a lebanese from a turkish! or for that matter, a somali from a sudanese. or a croatian from a lithuanian... you know what i mean. oh, but i can usually tell a japanese from a chinese from a korean, interestingly enough!

at the end of the day, the differences between us are so subtle... i think human beings have more in common than the differences we tend to highlight ;)

Anonymous said...

Really so nice hijab
this is the islamic woman's wear

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum

I love those style coz they can be arranged to cover the bosom area completely.

Jana can you please add more style like those plz.

Can anyone advice me on how to wear necklaces and covering the bosom at the same time.

JAzakumullah khrair

UmmM said...

As-salaamu `alaykum,

JazaakALlaah for this. I really like the send pic, but I can't understand the 3rd pic/instruction on it. Could anybody very kindly translate that?

Zara said...

Hi everyone, the translation for the third pic is as below :

Step 1 – the scarf is worn by tying it together at the back of the neck. Ensure that the left side is shorter than the right.

Step 2 – Bring the left end of the scarf to the right shoulder. Fasten with a pin or brooch.

Step 3 – Bring the right side of the scarf to over the head and pin on the left side.

Step 4 – Fasten the loose end of the scarf with a pin under the chin. Secure with a small brooch.


Hijabstar said...

ive been watching those videos and they have some really nice hijabs that you just slip onto your head and tie up...but i hav enever seen them in the UK :S
does any1 know where to get them from

dilshad said...

i love malaysian and indodesian styles very much..anyone have the link where i can get it?they r so pretty..

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Ooh I really like the 2nd one!

WhiteAzalea said...

I really proud when you features this. I am from malaysia and admit that the way we wear hijab and the fashion now influence by the way indonesia and arabs wears theirs...

Anonymous said...

I only wear my hijab in a couple of ways to make sure I cover my chest too, so these suggestions, especially the first style is great for me.

A lot of people ask me if I'm Malaysian which is definitely a compliment as I love the way they dress!

Coffee Catholic said...

What is this fashion magazine and can it be ordered by us from overseas? (I'm in Britain and I use my American bank via debit card... gets kinda confusing hahaha!)

Celeritas said...

The second one is great for people who like esarp!

Jana said...

Zara, jazakallah khair for the translation!

CC, I don't know what magazine these are from, just found them randomly!

UmmikuSayang said...

If you love Malaysian style hijab, check out You can get an ebook which features over 10 different styles. Written in English by a Malaysian sister. And most important of all, all the styles cover the chest.

Do check it out.


Sarah said...

thank you for these lovely tips. and to ummikusayang, thanks for the link. very much appreciated.

fatimah said...

In malay malaysia, hijab is known as "tudung". In indonesia, it is known as "jilbab" (Any scarf is called jilbab there).

I'd say the malay malaysian style is more chic and "polished" as it incorporates the use of high quality textile and it is a mixture of malay, turkish and lately arabic and indonesian styles and fabric. Malaysia is very exposed to all kinds of cultures, so as such their style is more "mixed" as compared to their indonesian sisters (which usually just have a typical one off look).

The real malay malaysian hijab I'd say, is the one made of "bawal" fabric (a type of fabric that comes from japan, thailand, korea, etc). Example of bawal fabric tudung is this: (examples of bawal scarf fabric with studs)

This type of tudung fabric is almost exclusively worn by malay malaysians only (and thai malay muslims). It is a light fabric and has patterns and sometimes studs on it.

As a general guide, the malays originally wear their hijab like the turkish. Meaning, they wear square scarfs that are folded into triangles, and they secure with a pin underneath the chin. Under that hijab, is a hijab cap.

Indonesians however, originally wear pakistani-like hijab that shows hair. But as time progresses, they wear their hijab with ribbons tied to the back of their head (Malays wear hijab with ribbons tied at the back of their heads too, but only for salah/prayers). Later, they wear like syrian hijab (that needs no pinning, just wear it on) but with the front awning very hard (material).

Here is a typical indonesian jilbab: (tied back hijab) (sharp, hard awnings)

Typical malay style hijabs:

In summary, lately the malay malaysians have incorporated indonesian style "jilbabs"- but with more sophistication and individuality style (mixed with turkish, malay and arabic styles/fabrics).


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