Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Jakarta Fashion Week

The first JFW took place on 20th-24th August 2008. One day was dedicated to 'Muslim Fashion', in which six designers took part. You can read more about it in this article, and see more photos here.

Fenny Mustafa - Chiconstructive Mysteri:

Monika Jufry - My Heritage:

Merry Pramono - Soft Lines:

Anne Rufaidah - Sweet Eclectic:

Hannie Hananto - Square Nation:

Jeanny Tjahyawati - Expression:


Anonymous said...

The pink and white frilly version at the bottom and the emerald green near the middle have my vote!

Ema Salma said...

Asalamu alaikum sister. Just checking out your blog, very nice you embrace different cultural dresses but wait...what about south asian clothes? some of our clothes are modest and beautiful. I'm Bangladeshi by the way and our clothes are lovely, we take a mix of Indian and Pakistani clothes. Ema Salma

Kholod said...

I adore the Chiconstructive Mysteri style!

WhiteAzalea said...

Most of the designer still not follow the shariah. They should design more hijab style that cover women's chest.

dilshad said...

salam,yes sis ema i agree wid u..im also a bangladeshi..but i like their hejabs very much..very very much..i always wish where i can get them..
thanks for the post my dear jana.

HijabChic said...

ahh beautiful!! thanks for posting these :)

i really liked the purple ones, so pretty!

btw, do you have any ideas where can i order cute abayas in size XS?

or could you write an article on abaya online shopping?
that would be interesting and helpful

Jana said...

Veiledglory, the pink and white is soooo cute!

Ema, I'll be doing a post about them soon inshallah :)

Kholod, me too. I love Fenny Mustafa's work!

Whiteazalea, to be fair, the fashion show is about the clothing, not the hijabs. The designeres need to be able to show the entire garment.

Dilshad, you're welcome!

Hijabchic, I'll look into it, but for now you can click on the 'abaya' label to see the ones I've got so far.

Anonymous said...

Please go on this link http://fashionreporters.com/2008/08/a-muslim-fashion-show-yes-in-jakarta/
and leave comments on this American fashion website. the wrioter does not see the point of havinga muslim runway show....


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