Saturday, 2 August 2008

Glam Khaleeji

It's easy to dress up a plain black abaya with a pretty shayla and matching accessories. Add a pair of oversized sunnies, and you've got Dubai style sorted:

Plain black abaya £17.57, 2hijab; fresh flower shayla £14.99, Lebaas; quilted bag £27, ASOS; satin sandal £25, Barratts; sunglasses £7; flower ring £7, both Dorothy Perkins.


Anonymous said...

I have that sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D... thnxz for this idea..X

Basbousa said...

Beautiful shayla and accessories!

hani said...

Oh my beautifulllll shayla!

FatemehArshin said...

I'm an Iranian girl and can't write English very well.
By the way,your web is very beautiful and has alot of good Islamic fashions.
In my iranian weblog,I linked you.
I hope to have a weblog like yours.

Alixianna said...

Jazzakallah Hayah---I think I will order them all: D

Aalia said...

Asalaam `alaikum Hayah :-)

I love the khaleeji look and sometimes I like to wear a different color scarf with my abaya instead of the regular black *lol*

Anyways Alix wanted to let you know that she is having trouble opening your page but insha'Allah the problem will be fixed soon.

Take care :-D

KelebekGibi said...

Hallo, this is a beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

Love the entire outfit. Also love your blog. Keep up the great work!

Alixianna said...

oooh, Jana, they don't ship to Canada. I can't order from Lebaas, and I want them sooooo bad. I am almost tempted to send you some Traveller's Cheques to cash at Thomas Cook and beg you to order for me: D


Jana said...

Thanks all!

Alix - it says they ship all over the world. Did you email them?

Sabia said...

Love it love it love it!

Naamah said...

Ooooh. I want it all. Lovely lovely lovely. Wish that ring came as a pin.

Jeny Tjahyawati said...

Assallamuallaikum ..
Jana ..
salam kenal
saya suka dengan blog ini keren ! ,walaupun baru beberapa hari ini saya temukan bog ini .banyak inspirasi buat baju muslimah ,
sukses selalu dan selamat berkarya
salam dari jakarta .
Jeny Tj.


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