Sunday, 17 August 2008

Designer: Amal Al Farsi

These beautiful jalabiyas are the work of Kuwaiti designer Amal al Farsi. I really wish more of these designers had websites! Something like this would be perfect for a wedding or ladies' party. My favourite has to be the pink and grey:


Anonymous said...

Wooooow,so beautiful!

liza said...


I found your blog in the "gulf weekly" in Bahrain. And I want to say that, even I'm not muslim, the clothes and the way you put them together are sooooooo beautiful! I think I'll be inspired!

Umm Salihah said...

all of these are beuatiful, but the red and black is right up my street. Imagine turning up at a party or wedding in that - very dramatic.

mais said...

love them... wonder about the price tag though!
the 1st two are my fave. one is sweet and one is dramatic.
makes me wish for 2 things... have enough money to buy similar things, and have more fancy weddings/gatherings to wear them to :)

*~Ange~* said...

beautiful !!!!!!

pink_marshmallow said...

asalam alaikum sis

mashallah i love the pink and grey a well as the second to last pinky flowered one.

i wish i was able to sew lol, i can design but for me to sew i would end up with armholes where my waist is lol.

wa salam



Basbousa said...

Beautiful, I was going to post these, but you were the faster.

hal786 said...

red and black r my fav colours so i love the forst ones!

anyway its hal786here
plz 'leave a reward' on my site'

Anonymous said...

salaams sis,

you havent posted anything today, everydayi check fornew postsand today there was none! please make one up!

Mariam said...

Lol I too was going to post these.. girrrl you're too quick :) Well I have an excuse.. my baby keeps me on my toes 24/7

Anonymous said...

Love the first 2!

Laayl said...

Salaam Jana and ladies

I just want to say thanks for this site and the e-mail updates, still not figured out how to change my hijab style but I'm sure I will soon.
These outfits are really attractive and feminine. There are a few Moroccan designers that make gorgeous Moroccan outfits, I'm not sure of any exact sites, however if you google Caftan 2004 you can see the designs of the yearly fashion show they hold.

Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Jana said...

Liza, thank you very much, I'm glad you're liking the blog :)

Mais, lol exactly!

hal786, will do inshallah :)

anon, sorry was a bit busy today :D I'll be posting a lot more often now though!

basbousa and mariam, lol really? hehe I've had 'em for a while as well :P hope the baby is doing well :)

laayl, you're welcome! I adore Moroccan caftans, wish there was somewhere easy to get them from here!

khaleejia said...

assalamu alekum
just wonder ... dress such home dree for wedding? i think its not a good idea.
you have a very up to date blog mashaAllah!


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