Monday, 7 July 2008

Summer Nights

I really, really like this purple's just too pretty! I'd wear it luxury boho-chic style with plenty of gold bangles, flat sandals and loose trousers:

Embroidered kaftan £25, Warehouse Outlet; mixed bangles £10, Oasis; navy linen trousers £15, Dorothy Perkins; purple hijab £7.95, The Hijab Shop; long sleeve top £12, Topshop; gladiator sandal £25, Miss Selfridge.


Anonymous said...

It IS tooo pretty!When i opened this site, i was like woow!These colours are kind of romantic for me.

libiya said...

SOOO cute masha allah.
I love the purple tones.
Its kinda like a gypsy/boho look
love it

sayma said...

wow, i def like the combination uv put together...the colurs look great and the hijab! When ever i go out, i wear lots and lots of chunky gold bangles and wooden etc.

Alixianna said...

Love it, love it, and I am not a tunic girl.

Basbousa said...

I love that caftan, I love purple, and I adore your blog :)

Celeritas said...

I would definitly wear this outfit.

hani said...

You can never see purple and not love it! ^_^

pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis

loving the purple mashallah, not a gladiator shoe lover lol, my feet are a mess will need to do a good pedicure at home, just lucky im a beautician and have equipment needed lol.

fi aminallah

Hayah said...

Thanks everyone! Is there anyone who doesn't like purple hehe?

I'm not sure about the length of this kaftan, but it would look just as good with a navy skirt too!

Anonymous said...

luv the dress!!check out matalan website, they've got some lovely long sleeved dresses and long skirts.

Hayah said...

Thanks for the tip anon! Btw if anyone knows of a store in central London that actually has this kaftan in stock, let me know!


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