Sunday, 13 July 2008

Style Spotlight: Emerald Green

This shade of green is not one I see worn very often, but I think it suits many skin tones. It reminds me of mermaids, peacocks and lush tropical rain forests:

1. Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2008 Couture
2. Kate Hudson in John Galliano Fall 2008 RTW
3. Jalabiya by Al-Haramlek in Hijab Fashion Magazine

Get the look with this abaya from Arabian Nites for £65:


Basbousa said...

I love this color, It's one of my favorites. The galabya from the hijab magazine is beautiful as well, that was one of my favorites of all the outfits in the Hegab Fashion Magazine 2007 catalog!

Anonymous said...

oh wow!! i love the stuff on the arabian nights website. i wish it was a little more in my price range :p

pink_marshmallow said...

asalam alaikum sis

i love arabian clothes but they are a bit out of my price range no fair.

but i am loving the green and me being irish and all it would appeal to me lol.

fi aminallah

Jana said...

Basbousa, yep love the jalabiya!

Anon, you ought to visit the shop, some of the abayas are not so pricey, plus they have new things coming in every 2 weeks!

Khadijah, then it's the perfect shade for you hehe :D

khaleejia said...

the left side photo(triple pic) affected me. the soft green color with gold patterns and dress itself definitely a royal design!

*~Ange~* said...

so gameel..
love it!!!

Anonymous said...

luv arabian nites they meet ur demands, and also hav a great selection myks me wnt to wear the abaya!


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