Thursday, 24 July 2008

Pink Print

Printed satin dresses are lovely to wear for evening occasions where a full length gown may be too dressy. This outfit also reminds of the one that designer Amal Al Ra'aes wears herself. Not sure how long I'd last in those amazing heels though!

Printed silky dress £37.50, House of Fraser; black sequined hijab £5, Amirah Fashions; black long sleeve top £10, Topshop; gold bangle £8, Debenhams; satin clutch £15, Dorothy Perkins; black wide leg trousers £25, Dorothy Perkins; Laspace sandals £55, Faith.


Basbousa said...

That top is just wonderfully cute <3

Maisastic said...

the tope is stunning! but i wonder how long is it?

Anonymous said...

assalam alaikum,
Can u give some ideas for petite muslimahs.. i am slender at 5 ft who loves long skirts

Anonymous said...

only problem being long skirts are not advised for petite women.. so want some more ideas

ammena said...

ouch at the heels.. i have bought a few tops like this from *ahem* ebay :) should be interesting to try insha'allah

Celeritas said...

Sequined amira is cute, I've never seen one before. Love the dress too of course!

Jana said...

maisastic, I saw this dress in store - it's about knee length, maybe a little less if you're tall!

Anon, I too am petite, but have no problem wearing maxi skirts! The key (with trousers also) is that they need to be long enough to cover your heel - obvisouly not dragging on the ground, but a practical length! Skirts that just scrape the ankle will make you look shorter. I like bootcut trousers as they seem to be the most flattering on petites - another tip is to keep the colour of your shoe continuous with the trouser - this gives the illusion of longer legs, as do pointed shoes!

Hoep that helps!

Celeritas, it's a shayla :)

Anonymous said...

You have such excellent taste, I am in love with this outfit.


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