Saturday, 19 July 2008

More Muna Style

Some people may envy Kate Moss' wardrobe (I certainly don't!), but I love Muna AbuSulayman's outfits! She has the perfect holiday style - beautiful kaftans and tunics, colourful hijabs and plenty of accessories. This Juliet Dunn tunic is a great match, shame about the price though...

Paisley embroidered tunic £125, House of Fraser; Portofino ring £10, Accessorize; white linen trousers £15, Dorothy Perkins; gladiator sandal £25, Miss Selfridge; green hijab £6.45, The Hijab Shop; white t-shirt £5, Dorothy Perkins.

P.S. If the tunic sleeves are see-through then obviously it'll need a long sleeve top underneath, rather than a t-shirt. And to make sure the hijab is covering all the hair with this style, if you're bringing the bottom edge all the way up to the chin, it's probably easiest to wear a bonnet cap underneath.


Anonymous said...

salaam, i am in no place to judge but i really think theres no point wearing hijab like that, with her hair showing..coz at the the end of the day, shes wearing the hijab properly, so why not not cover that much of her hair.

sayma said...

that hijab looks identical to the one shes wearing lol. very clever :)

Jana said...

Salam sis, we've already discussed this issue here, I didn't see the point in bringing it up again.

Sayma, great find huh? :D

Anonymous said...


pink_marshmallow said...

asalam alaikum

me i too dont envy kate moss's wardrobe, i like these outfits a 100times more alhumdulillah.

but it only occurred to me yesterday, all the outfits i have the matching hijab the clothes etc i have 0 jewelery lol. so i am going shopping this week to pick up some jewelery and inshallah start accessorizing with them.

wa salam

Basbousa said...

Really a beautiful outfit. I want it all!

Jana said...

Khadijah, a great place to pick up inexpensive but really pretty jewellery is BHS, and they have a 50% off sale. Dorothy Perkins also have a sale on now with lots of items for just £1 each!

Arabista, basbousa, isn't is just? Muna's outfits are always lovely I'll be sure to do some more!

Amalia said...

I love her style mash'allah she always looks amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

thats a great outfit mashaAllah i really love white clothes and blue/turquoise embroidery, you've done it again jana mashaALLAH munas outfit and urs a very identical!
i find it so hard to match stuff lol, if i buy a dress i find it almost impossible to find a cardi, scarf and trousers that go with it!
eternal peace


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